Why We Can’t Find Our Business In Google

Why We Can't Find Our Business In Google

Sometimes customers asked question related to business that why their business is not showing up when they search for certain keywords in Google search results? It means that audience can’t find their business and due to this they are not getting any traffic or lead in their site.

What we inform to our customer that Google is more conservative with its chances and Google algorithm has changed over the years related to local searches. The other thing to understand is that local rankings are based on the searcher’s intent.

The Google Algorithm.

Do You Know About Search Intent?

When Google pulls search result it consider more than just the words that you use to search. It also consider your intent with your search including factors like your place and search history.

Google experiment with their search results to improve their services due to this every search result are different from one another. It is impossible to get the same results from different devices or different people searching the same keywords. Let alone by searching the same thing again and again on the same device. Therefore, if you want to find your business to show up for specific keywords so the best way is to determine your local search success.

Do You Gauge The Success Of Search Optimization?

You can measure your site’s search performance by tracking your customers and lead engagement by using Google My Business. You can also check your Google Analytics data to find trends in search activity.

Local search visibility cannot achieve overnight. If you want to improve your visibility than it takes months of maintenance and effort that monitor your traffic, improve listings and optimize the content that you produce.

Reasons why you Can’t Find your Business on Google.

Your business information can show up in Google search results by creating Google My Business listing. If you have already create listing so there are some reasons that you may not see your business in search results. Reasons are as follows.

  1. Business Verification on GMB.

The business information that you provide may not be eligible to appear on Google until you verify your business. Create a Google My Business listing to add your business information on Google search. Once you register Google will send you a post card to verify your business. This is very important for your business to be considered authentic by Google and your target audience alike.

The verification will tell Google that your business is authentic and your business will be eligible to appear in the local pack. Unverified businesses usually don’t get the spot in Google’s local pack.

  1. Your Business Appear On Google Map But Not In Search Results.

Your business information placement in search results will vary but if you want higher ranking so you should have correct and up-to-date information related to business. The business detail associated with your business comes from the information that you provide when creating and updating a verified business listing, reports from users and other sources.

  1. Recently Make Changes Or Edited Your Business Information.

Recent changes to your website may cause your website to not appear on your related search queries. For example, if you change your URL slug through Yoast it is possible that Google have not updated the slug on the search results. Just like that, addition and update of information on the website can have a similar affect.

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