Why Should we Not Stop during Corona Virus?

Why Should we Not Stop during Corona Virus?

The rise of Corona virus has lead to drastic changes across the world. The situation throughout is pretty unpleasant, with most of the industrial hubs shutting down, stock markets going down, economies collapsing, but this won’t last forever. The sun will rise, till then we need to act with patience and calm. Since there is no business, no transactions around the world, many are pausing their businesses for the time being, what they don’t realize is that it might negatively impact your business in the longer run. Ever since corona virus has been declared as a pandemic, all the countries are working on to flatten the curve of the virus in their respective region, which in turn will help ensure smooth flow of work.

The curve is therefore flattened by bringing down the number of corona virus patients and by stopping it from spreading any further, with the help of guidelines provided by WHO; World Health Organization. This will help diminish the impairment caused by the corona virus to the world altogether.

Marketing during Corona Virus Pandemic

It does not necessarily means that if the government has asked to shut everything down and practice social distancing you can’t work on your business from home to make it better than the rest. With the pandemic going on, you can use all your knowledge and expertise on the SEO friendly content and marketing tactics to bring your business above others. This is the perfect time to do so as people are not much or entirely focused into the business and the viewership for most of the websites might have dropped, so this is your chance to lead.

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SEO and Marketing Techniques to Follow In Order to Recover From Corona Virus

Incorporation of Zoom or Video calls

In order to work it is not important for everyone to be physically present together, with an unlikely and unfortunate situation like this being faced, for businesses and works that can’t be stopped, using of zoom and video calls in the perfect solution to ensure smooth sailing of your work. Interviews, meetings can be conducted online through zoom where everyone comes together virtually maintaining the precautions stated by WHO. Apart from that, businesses can reach out to the customers by asking them about their preferences and experience. It is important to get your hands on the video calling system as it will turn out to be vital, blogs, content in the future.

Do A Mini Audit

For the time being, instead of sitting idle, a mini audit of the company can be carried to evaluate where the loop holes are and which particular segment of business needs attention. What similar businesses, which might be your competition is doing comparatively. How can you make amendments if there are to be made any. An excel sheet can be made for each type of content you have been using, for example, websites, blogs, emails, ebooks.

Record Videos

Videos are substantial when it comes to SEO friendly content. Websites who have relevant videos recorded are relatively superior to those who don’t. So, in the meanwhile you can get relevant videos recorded with appropriate target words frequently used in it and having snippets incorporated in them. To have them appear during YouTube videos may give you a competitive edge.

Get To Know Your Customers

Look at the sales data, the data will give you an insight about the customers, as to what type of customer do you attract. Which product has been over or under sold and why. Why people don’t prefer making a purchase from you. Which segment of market are you not able to target. Use all of this information to bring positive change and improvement to your business.

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