Why Isn’t My Business Appearing on Google? Solutions and Tips

Why Is Not My Business Appearing on Google Solutions and Tips Guide

Google rankings have troubled companies worldwide with its latest updates. Trends in market are also changing, making it harder for businesses to rank in SERPs. While this challenge is getting serious, professionals Digital Marketing Services are working tirelessly to find ways to regain their ranks.

Before we can understand why the business isn’t ranking on Google, we need to learn about Google’s ranking algorithm.

Understanding Google’s Ranking Algorithm

No one actually knows how Google’s ranking system actually works, apart from Google itself. However, experts claim there could be over 200+ factors in this algorithm. While explaining all of them would be challenging, we will still go over some of the most popular ones:

1.      Relevance

Google values relevance of content with the client query a lot. While keywords play a vital role it’s a bit more than that. For example, a cake website that has “birthday cakes” will likely be lower in ranking compared to a client with a blog titled: “Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Birthday Cake”.

This is likelier to be the case if the blog has additional words like “custom cakes” and “dietary restrictions.”

2.      User Experience (UX)

How much would you rate your website’s UX? If it’s not satisfactory you need to work on it. Different factors make up the UX, which includes:

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Fast loading speeds
  • Clear navigation

Work on smaller elements on your website too. For example, if you’re hosting an e-commerce platform make sure it doesn’t have clunky checkout processes. This might make you lose customers (and ranking points).

3.      Backlinks

Adding citations from other websites in the form of links is the simplest ways of adding better ranking to your website. It’s something brands working on Local SEO also practice.

For example, a travel business would get better results adding content from a credible travel website compared to a non-related source.

4.      Authority (Domain Authority – DA)

Google values websites that have a high DA, which essentially shows the website’s credibility. It is why Backlinks from high-authority websites contribute to better rankings. Brands look for Google maps local SEO should also try this trick to give their brands a massive change.

Solutions to Make your Business Appear on Google

Now that we have discussed most information about Google rankings, it’s time to look into how one can improve their appearance and discoverability on the web.

1.      Claim and Verify GMB Profile

Verifying and optimizing one’s GMB profile is the first step to better rankings. It’s ideal for those seeking Google maps local business optimization and more. We recommend claiming your Google My Business (GMB) profile right away and complete the registration process.

Know that it could be done with a postcard or phone. A verified GMB profile improves chances of getting Google maps local SEO                                                                                                            

2.      Consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number)

Imagine having different names in every account you have, wouldn’t it be harder to reach you? The same principle applies to Google’s rankings. Information like the company business name, address, and phone numbers need to be the same in all online directories.


These also include your social media profiles, and your website. If there’s a difference among this information, your discoverability takes some serious toll. If you need help, options like Moz Local or Yext can help with NAP consistency.

3.      Website Optimization:

Improving your websites is a classic and relatable aspect of improving your Google appearances. The best options are using tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs that show keywords with low competition and high volume.

However, taking the keyword research a further is just as necessary. For example, a personal injury lawyer might need “car accident lawyer Los Angeles” rather than just an injury lawyer keyword.

4.      Content is King

Like keywords, your website’s content quality also makes a difference. It’s necessary to create natural. informative content that stands out from the competition. Similarly, ensuring you share content, blog posts, infographics, or other valuable info based on your keywords is just as necessary.

5.      On-Page Optimization

The website’s on-page optimization is just as crucial as other aspects of SEO. It can help with Google maps local SEO. the on page- optimization includes factors like:

  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Header tags with relevant keywords

Also, it’s necessary to recheck your website’s structure and current links. Removing broken links and adding correct ones will also contribute to Google maps my business location.

On-page optimization is usually done in real-time and requires technical understanding. Don’t forget to educate yourself on ways on how to be better at it.  

Practical Solutions for Specific Industries

Google maps SEO company can help business owners take their ventures to the next level. It’s mainly because they have the tendency to research and structure strategies tailored to each brand.

1.      Legal and Medical Services

Building a strong profile in the medical industry requires careful strategies. A respectable SEO service experienced in medical field will always feature your team. They will focus on your expertise and achievements to create credibility.

2.      Restaurants and Hospitality

Positive reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp is just the tip of the iceberg. You also need to show good conduct, cleanliness and proper equipment, focusing on aesthetics. Google maps generally uses these factors in reviews and ranks website accordingly.  

Remember, the restaurants and hospitality industries are always changing. Therefore, you may need to update your strategies timely.

3.      E-commerce Businesses

Structure and a customer centric design is the key to better response with e-commerce business. A professional SEO services will always rework your product descriptions, find possible flaws in them and update them accordingly. With a little help, an e-commerce business could unlock new potential in appearing on google.

Added Tips for Maximum Discoverability on Google

We have covered most valuable information about increasing appearances on Google. However, there’s a bit more to it than this.

There are some tips that can unlock new possibilities for your business while attracting traffic and reducing bounce rates. Here’s a quick look at these tips- make sure to follow:

1.      Stay Active on Social Media

Goes without saying but social media has become an inseparable part of business marketing. It has all the right things needed to showcase your digital marketing strategies.

For instance, it has a massive potential customer base. Social media also has support for multimedia like photos and videos, providing more marketing freedom to business owners.

Therefore, regularly post engaging content can be a great start to working on your appearances. However, the posts shouldn’t just be one sided. Instead, try to engage the audience through posts and comments as much as possible.

There’s no one right platform for this as we don’t know where your potential customers might be. Therefore, we recommend mixing up strategies to determine the best results.

You can try platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram (depending on your audience age group and interests). Link your social media accounts to the GMB listing, and the appearance issue should resolve.

2.      Focus More on Link Building

We have already discussed the importance of the right backlinks for discoverability earlier. However, it is so crucial that providing dedicated tips for it is necessary. Optimizing content with backlinks is not enough.

Instead, it’s better to add secure backlinks from high-authority websites. However, these websites should have a good stature and industry standing. You can also give guest blogging on relevant industry publications or participation a chance.

3.      Be a Part of Industry Directories

It’s necessary to focus on ways to increase your online visibility. You can do this by getting featured or listed in directories and publications.

The good part is the free basic listings with most industries are free. So, brands new and old can easily be a part of these directories.

If you’re looking for a step further, going for premium options for added visibility can also play a vital role. We recommend strategizing a little, if you feel like you need it, going for premium options may be great too.

Final Thoughts

Dealing with Google appearances can be a massive problem without the help of SEO services. We recommend taking the time to go through the pointers discussed in this article and incorporating them in your next strategy.

In addition to these pointers, also look for chances to add the tips we’ve talked about. If you still feel like it’s not working out for you, don’t shy away from seeking professional digital marketing services.

Companies like SEOHUB are here to guide people seeking better results on Google maps. Take the time to discuss your requirements and we’ll get down to it almost right away. 

Start Boosting Business Appearance on Google Today!

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