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What Is The Google Guaranteed Badge?


Mark needs gardening services, so he opens up Google, searches for the best local gardening services to get the job done. Your services are ranked among the best, but with the overwhelming amount of options available, Mark is having a hard time figuring out which service should he choose.

But then, Mark has his issue fixed. He sees a checkmark in a green circle next to your business, and he reads the words “Google Guaranteed” written next to it. There are high chances that Mark might not even know what this means, but he sure knows this is a good sign – and once he has his eyes set upon it, he’s just sure that your business is the one to go with.

The above-mentioned scenario can become a reality if you have a Google Guaranteed badge for your business. Apart from being the differentiating factors for users who look to choose the right option in the ocean of choices search engines comes with, it can also work wonders for your online marketing.

That being said, let’s now define the Google Guaranteed Badge. What is it, how to become google guaranteed? And how does it work? Read ahead!

The Google Guaranteed Badge

This badge is a certification Google gives to local businesses and it’s a sign of assurance for users that this business provides great quality in terms of their services or products. Simply put, it’s just Google saying, “It’s completely safe to buy from here. We guarantee that this business will only serve you with high quality.”

With users seeing so many options on the search results, the business with Google Guaranteed badges are seen as the most reliable ones in the local searches. Everyone looks to save their time these days, and this badge by Google is a great way for users to narrow down their search. This Google badge is a win-win for potential customers and the business as well. It’s like having the best testimonial once you have the Google Guaranteed Badge. Google is straight-up telling people that your business is trustworthy.

How Does This Badge Work?

Now that we’ve covered the definition and the purpose of Google Guaranteed Badge, let’s shed light on how it works.

Where Does It Appear?

The Google Guaranteed Badge usually appears in two places. These are:

  • Local Search ads: these ads are seen in rectangular boxes, and they appear just above the PPC ads. These local ads provide basic information like the name of the business, phone number, working hours, star rating, and show the badge.
  • Google My Business: For most businesses, the badge is usually seen alongside the Google My Business profile. This can be spotted in Google Maps or in the local search packs.

Whatever the location may be, the Google Guaranteed badge will look the same – a check in a green circle that has “Google Guaranteed” written next to it.

Customer Reimbursement

As mentioned above, the Google Guaranteed badge is an assurance given from Google to your potential customers that this business will prove satisfactory. However, if a customer still ends up dissatisfied with your services, Google will investigate and reimburse them if their claim is valid.

This does not happen frequently, as it only applies to rare circumstances. To avail reimbursements, users have to interact with a Google local ad. If, for instance, they convert to your website without having to interact with Google first, they won’t be eligible for the reimbursement.

Additionally, reimbursement is only available for a month after the service is completed. If a user wishes to be reimbursed and files a complaint, they must take this action within the 30 days period.

Lastly, even if the user turns out eligible, Google will still take time to check the complaints. It will get back to you asking for information about the entire situation and give you another chance to serve the customer better.

Once all this is done, if Google deems the user’s complaint to be correct and legitimate, it will reimburse the user. The maximum reimbursement limit set by Google for any service is $2000.

The Cost Of Google Guaranteed Badge

While we speak of the benefits and purpose of the google guaranteed program, there’s a question that often surfaces, “How much does Google guarantee cost?”

If you want to get the badge for your local services ads, you won’t need to pay anything to get the badge. However, if you get the badge to use on your GMB profile, it will cost a flat $50 per month for setting up.

The Importance

Although no digital marketing agency can be fully aware of the impact Google Guaranteed Badge can have on their clients’ performance, we can still expect that by signing up for Google guaranteed services will let the business see improved performances from their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and local SEO campaigns. This includes:

  • Better visibility and higher rankings
  • Improved CTR (click-through rate)
  • Increased leads and sales
  • Higher traffic on the website
  • Higher revenue
  • Better customer satisfaction and improved brand credibility

How To Set Up Google Guaranteed

Now that you’ve learned the most part about the Google Guaranteed Badge, let’s look at how you can set it up for your business. Fortunately, it’s far away from any complications. Just follow the given 3 steps to get the coveted badge!

1. See If You’re Eligible

The first and foremost step is to see if you’re eligible before you proceed to do anything further. It must be noted that the badge isn’t available for every type of niche right now, which is why you should start by checking if you’re on the list.

The eligible industries right now are:

  • Auto maintenance and repair
  • Auto glass
  • Repairing appliance
  • Financial auditing and planning
  • Even management and planning
  • Carpet cleaning and upholstery
  • Electrical services
  • Garage door setting up
  • Home repair and cleaning
  • HVAC
  • Junk removal
  • Lawn maintenance and care
  • Locksmith services
  • Pest control
  • Photography and event coverage
  • Plumbing services
  • Rooftop services
  • Tree services
  • Window repair maintenance and cleaning
  • Water damage restoration

If your business does not fall into any of the above given categories, you must not fret, Google is continually rolling out new updates and including new industries in the Google Guaranteed. Just keep yourself updated with all the recent versions and see when your business is available.

2. Check Your Certification

Google goes on to perform a thorough background check of your business once you apply for the badge. Apart from just checking the data of business owners, and additional employees, it will also go through the business license, insurance, and read online reviews of customers.

Now to prepare for this Google background check, go through all the information you think Google will investigate. Make sure your license and insurance are updated. Then check if all your reviews are positive.

If you see a problem anywhere, start working to improve them or get them completed before you apply for the Google process.

3. Submit The Application

Once you’ve checked everything, and it all looks good, you can now proceed forward and submit your application for the Google Guaranteed badge!

The application process will start by having you give some basic information about what you do. This ensures that the badge is available in your region. After the completion of this initial section, the remaining part is quite easy and straightforward.

Know that you won’t get the answer immediately. You’ll have to wait to hear back since Google takes some time to perform all the necessary background checks on your business. Once Google is satisfied with everything, it will give you a notification of approval, and you’ll get your badge. Now that you’ve earned this highly desired Google Guaranteed Badge, you must maintain the quality standards of your business at the same level (or even better) where they were to achieve this badge in the first place.

Let’s Get Started?

You’ve now learned how to become a Google guaranteed and how important it is for your business, as well as for customers. It’s now time to start setting up this amazing feature for your business. But, you don’t need to do it on your own. The process in theory might look simple, but the little details can at times complicate the process, which is why you will need professional services.

Get in touch with SEOHUB.PK, as we’re highly familiar with local search ads, and our team is ready to help you navigate it.

With our Google Ads services, we’ll be able to help you work through all the steps explained above. Moreover, we’ll also have a dedicated project representative keep in touch with you throughout the process to let you know about everything our team does for your business.

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