What Is Structured Data and Why It Is Important For SEO

What Is Structured Data and Why It Is Important For SEO

When you create a web page, search engine, that is mostly Google for us, crawls every bit of text on it so it can index the page in its search results. However, there are certain specific elements that the search engine crawler cannot decipher itself. This is where the need for structured data arises and now recently structured data has become a very essential part of SEO.

What Is Structured Data?

To first understand the importance of structured data for SEO you need to know what structured data is. Structured data is basically a code in a specific format, written in such a way that search engines easily understand it. Search engine read the code and use it ti display search results in a specific way. You can also put these code in your website.

Structured data identifies the most important part of website and content. Structured data can be used by Google and other search engines to identify which part should be displayed as preview text in the search results.

According to Google:

It is a standardized format for providing information about a page and classifying the page content.

Google uses structured data that it’s find on the web to understand the content of the page as well as to collect information about the web and the world in general.

Just imagine your website contain lot of recipes. If you add structured data to a page with a recipe so your result in search engine may change. It will show a much richer content. That is why we call these results rich snippets.

Besides the title, the URL and the description of the search result, you can see how much time it will take to make best dish. You will see how much calories the dish contain. Everything will be made available in simple form for the search engine and the users to understand through structured data.

There are many kinds of structured data and it is always in a code format. It is for books, review, recipes and movies alike. In all cases, structured data add more information to your snippet in the search results. Given how Google wants websites to make use if structured data, you can see its importance to SEO.

What Do You Do With Structured Data?

With the help of structured data you can talk to the search engines. You can inform search engine that which ingredients are there in your recipe, you can tell them the preparation, and time, and also you can tell them how many calories your dish contain. Google will be able to collect all these information and can decide to show it in the search results. Such is the importance of structured data for your website SEO.

Structured data tester is a tool that you can use to tell Google the detailed information about a page on your website. Google later uses this information on your website to display your search result in rich form and if any website has rich results on Google SERPs it is bound to attract more web traffic.

What Is Rich Snippets?

Rich snippets are designed to show the important text in search results. Recipes or reviews are the most current example of rich snippets. The search results previews reviews and comments while website displays a backstory first.

Google structured data outline the dos and don’ts to avoid misleading rich snippets or irrelevant content. Google also monitor results to prevent any misleading materials from appearing ion search results.

What Is is a project that is developed by big search engines. On you can find all the structured data markup supported by the search engines. This makes a large collection of pieces of code. You can also use to find the markup you need for your particular page.

What Is JSON-LD?

It is one of the markups of It is just a way to write a code. on you can also find other markups such as Microdata or RDFa. JSON-LD does not break your site as easily as other markups do. And it is also prefer by Google. Yoast SEO adds lots of structured data JSON-LD to your site that is not possible with the other markups.

Importance Of Structured Data For SEO

Structured data is important for SEO because it will make it simpler for Google to understand what your pages and website are about. You will learn in more detail why structured data is important . Google needs to find out what page is about to show it in the search results. Structured data is like talking to google and telling google about your site. That will help with your ranking.

Besides that, structured data will change the way your snippet will look like. It will show more specific information to your customers. This will also increase the probability a customer will click on your results. More clicks will lead to higher rankings. We are seeing more and more structured data powered rich results pop up, so it is very necessary to keep an eye on this.

Some other benefits of using structured data into your websites are:

Content Understanding.

It is helpful to understand the content for Google.

Highlighting Your Data.

If you use more structured data so the Google will highlight more in its search result and also rank it.

Chances Of Better CTR.

As your content is highly structured that is why it is better to understand the core description of any link that is asked by users on search engine.

Helpful For Programmer.

If your data is structured so you can easily use the code. Now, any other developer can understand the code because it is well structured as well as well organized.

Customization Of Your PPC Searched Ads.

It will also help you in customizing PPC search ads.

Automating The Ads.

The keywords that you used in your structured data will help you in automating the creation of totally relevant and customizable ads on your website.

For example, if you add keywords in your structured data then you can add into your ad setting. it will show the relevant ads according to your keywords.

It will beneficial for you and the other party with link that is associated with that ad. At the end, Google will rate your keywords not the search queries.


Considering the facts and figures, the importance of structured data cannot lose its position. Gary IIIyes (webmaster trends Analyst at Google) pointed that regardless of all other emerging things, structured data is as important as it was earlier.

Now, the core algorithm is taken over by machine learning. Structured data has its same position in leads. on emphasizing, he said, AMP is also obvious.

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