What Exactly Is E-A-T & Why Does It

What Exactly Is E-A-T & Why Does It

Ranking on SEO systems has been a long-fought battle for companies seeking long term success. It’s the most effective way to getting more traffic, cutting down on issues with bounce rates and more. Unfortunately, with the inclusion of AI tools in the content generation industry, issues have increased.

Brands are trying to churn out more content by compromising on quality, which doesn’t work for readers nor Google’s ranking systems. While digital marketing services are a great place to get some assistance with this content generation, there’s a bit too much to handle.

Google and Struggle with Non-AI Content

SEO services have always struggled with getting better traffic on Google and other search engines. The main reason being the changes in algorithms over time. Google take time to refresh its algorithms and update them, which could seriously change your brand’s traffic.

Google has been updating its algorithms against AI content for quite some time. While not all these updates are noticeable, changes since March 2022 have done some serious damage.

While changes have occurred over the last two years, the latest dip in traffic has come from Google’s latest update. What’s the update for? Yes, natural content.

Google is not appreciative of AI content as it takes away the user experience, providing second hand information, with little to no human element.

The Google E-A-T update is the biggest change we’re seeing so far worldwide. The question is, what is this E-A-T, and how does it make a difference.

Understanding Google E-A-T Update:

E-A-T is an acronym that stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It’s the latest update on how Google ranks credible content on the web, determining where each site should lie. Let’s dive into what each of these elements mean for SEO rankings.

  • Expertise: Google wants the content to reflect the content creators experience and skills within the content. The content should be focused on an informative approach, rather than filler.
  • Authoritativeness: Recognition is what makes any website rank higher and that’s what Google is prioritizing right now. The search engine wants content creators to showcase their credibility by showcasing how reliable their website is. It means, brands need to work harder to achieve a better place among competition.
  • Trustworthiness: No business can really thrive without reliability and user confidence. Therefore, Google wants content creators to feature these changes within their content. Therefore, it has some factors that could really help create a strategy more suited to the Google E-A-T Algorithm. These may include:

    Ownership transparency
    Positive user reviews
    Data security practices

Understanding E-A-T for your Website

The latest E-A-T update has impacted almost every website. This update has left most business owners with a poor ranking and a challenging situation. Professionals are struggling and some even fail to understand the need for the update.

However, the quickest way to comprehend is to understand Google’s priorities. Ensuring all information shared is fully human and reliable has been Google’s top priority forever. Google expects content creators to practice ethical content creation and push for a better quality. This means trustworthy and informative content for users.

Following Google E-A-T guidelines, brand can deal with:

  • Handling Misinformation: High E-A-T websites will have less fake information. This means, topics that require additional care while research will be done accordingly. These may include topics like health, finance, well-being, etc.

Once brand learn to remove misinformation from their content, they’ll rank higher in no time. However, it’s necessary to keep the other aspects of E-A-T in mind too.

  • Boosting User Experience: User experience plays a vital role in bringing your audiences back to your site. For instance, if someone seeks valuable information and your website provides it, they’re going to be there for longer.

Chances are they will also reach out to you for additional information or even conversions. It’s a great way to keep the brand on point and improve your stature within the industry.

  • Supporting Better Content: Pushing content creators to provide quality content could bring back the lost shine to digital marketing services. It’s a way to reset AI themes and trends from the market. Once companies see E-A-T doesn’t rank AI, they’ll mend their ways. It might not work immediately, but is definitely a great way of seeing eventual improvements.

Diving On a Deeper Level: Technical Aspects Of E-A-T:

Content creators and digital marketing services have mistaken E-A-T as a direct ranking factor. It may not be a direct factor, but could impact Google’s algorithms in several ways. Understanding this impact provides a chance to explore new possibilities and better rankings. Here’s a quick look into the topic:

Search Quality Rater Guidelines(SQRG): The SQRG is a crucial part of content ranking in current times. Fortunately, Human Raters E-A-T is a great benchmark to determine the spot for each business. With the help of these Human Raters, algorithms can make better judgements. Of course, this requires training, but that’s not a bad approach.

What Exactly Is E-A-T & Why Does It Matter to Google 1

Content Analysis: Content analysis matters a lot when ranking a website. During analysis, several factors may be considered. These factors include:

  • Factual accuracy.
  • Citations from reputable sources
  • Author credentials

Backlink Profile: A strong profile full of credible sources in the content does wonders for SEO ranking. SEO services add back linking as a must into their strategy, showing the true importance of the backlinks.

Content with these factors will easily get more traffic, and save up on bounce rates. It might be slightly challenging to get the hang of these factors, but it’s still nothing considering all the benefits better rankings bring in.

However, not all brands are trained sufficiently to handle these tasks. That’s where digital marketing services and SEO services come in. These professionals can guide brands towards better rankings.

Welcoming E-A-T For Better Rankings: Building E-A-T for your Website

Now that we’ve gone through all technical information and concepts about E-A-T, it’s time for the main question. How does one start to add E-A-T into their campaign? If you’re struggling with understanding it as well, know that E-A-T is not that hard to incorporate. Here are some basics that you’ll keep in mind. We’ll mention solutions based on the problems we’ve discussed earlier, so stay put.

High-Quality Content:

The first step is to understand that Google will no longer accept or bear sub-quality content. The quicker brands start re-working their content- the easier they’ll rank. Higher quality content requires not just the best presentation and engagement, but valuable information. Content creators need to spend more time researching, ensuring they’re ready to revamp content if needed. Try to find poor quality content and improve.

Author Expertise: 

A website’s content is only as good as it’s team- and Google understands this well. The search engine wants brands to show their true potential and their command on respective industries. This means, brands need to showcase different aspects of their teams. These could include:

  • Qualifications
  • Experience.
  • Author credentials

Website Reputation

If your author’s reputation matters, wouldn’t your websites stature matter too? Brands that want to thrive against the E-A-T update need to understand this well enough. Google doesn’t want fishy or poor-quality websites on its network. Therefore, it’s necessary to build trust through positive reviews.

Companies should also consider adding secure connections (HTTPS) to provide a safer customer experience. They should also practice complete transparency about ownership of content. This transparency will showcase your brand as an honest content provider, leading to better rankings.


Backlinks are becoming more of a necessity with changing time. They give companies a chance to boost their authority among competition for better rankings. Doesn’t get simpler than this. However, brands need to know their sources. We recommend earning backlinks from relevant websites. However, the quality of websites will make a massive difference, so pick out high-authority websites only.

Wrapping Up: Additional Things to Keep in Mind

While companies are going crazy over Google’s updates, it’s still important to keep a few things in mind. For starters, Google EAT algorithm is still new and there’s little information about it out there. Bear in mind, E-A-T is an ongoing process and we could witness a massive direction change.

Therefore, instead of trying to find hacks to beat the Google E-A-T update, focus on valuable content creation. Once a brand is successful in building trust, the rest doesn’t matter. 

Additionally, the E-A-T update is going to impact everyone, but particularly YMYL websites. So, if you’re relevant to any of these industries, buckle up. It’s time to make some serious changes.

Are you still struggling with rankings and E-A-T update from Google? Consider opting for professional SEO services to ease things out. The service can help assess your current website, find potential flaws, and create a better strategy.

These experts are also equipped with keyword research, website optimization and other technical aspects. With a little help, you’ll be pulling more traffic and better rankings in no time.

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