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Twitter – 5 of the Hottest Trending Topics of 2021

Twitter – 5 of the Hottest Trending Topics of 2021

Ever since Twitter came into existence, all the social media marketing companies in Pakistan are wanting to know what Twitter trends are and how they work. In this blog, we would provide you with necessary insights regarding the directions of Twitter and its social media marketing packages.

A general and basic understanding of where Twitter stands today and where it is heading tomorrow is essential for everyone to understand, especially if your business uses social media platforms.

Since Twitter is already a go-to place for breaking and trending news, it covers a gamut of news from every possible field. Be it politics, world events, business or even entertainment. Sometimes, on Twitter, you can even follow news events as it begins to unfold. Therefore, this power of Twitter is gradually making it an international news channel.

Be it a Twitter user or non-Twitter, everyone today is turning to Twitter in order to consume news and read tweets directly from the world’s influential personalities.

  1. Twitter is turning into the most powerful site for news

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, almost 68% of US adults turn to social media for news. That is a huge number, especially considering the fact that most of these users consider social media news as unreliable.

In terms of numbers, Facebook and YouTube have a bigger audience than Twitter. However, when it comes to more news-focused consumers, Twitter tops the list.

2. Increasing the character limit would not change the ballgame

When the company earned the well-deserved expansion in 2017, it increased the character limit of tweets from 140 to 280, this doubling of number sent a ripple in the Twitter world. The Twitter users were convinced that this change is completely unacceptable as it is against the core values of Twitter.

The original limit of 140 characters was set by Twitter founders in 2006 and it remained that way for the longest while because Twitter was meant to be for instant messaging.

Here are some of the potential impacts of increasing the character limit:

The Pros:

  • More characters mean, bigger tweet, therefore everyone gets an opportunity to explain.
  • Twitter users would not need to abbreviate their messages.
  • More people are likely to tweet.

The Cons:

  • Receiving longer messages can feel like work to read them.
  • More time would be required to craft a tweet.
  • A clear and simple message might suffer.
  1. Twitter in the future will is likely to be more video-centric

According to the Content Trends Survey by Hub Spot 2017, most consumers are more interested in video-based content. Therefore, it is safe to say that video has nearly revolutionized the way businesses promote their service and products.

Since Twitter at the moment is not the social media platform that people can associate with video content, it would not be too long that news videos would be streamed on Twitter.

Although Twitter does not rank first in terms of video content, a study has declared that videos on Twitter are twice as memorable as those on other platforms.

2. Tweets would appear in the search results

Back in 2015, a deal between Google and Twitter allowed the former to crawl the data from the sites of social media. What this means is that consumers would be enabled to get results of live feed when they are using Google’s search engine.

Today, Twitter proudly provides data to Bing and Yahoo!

This implies opportunities to improve SEO ranking services.

3. Twitter is transforming the world

Since the launch of Twitter in 2006, it has only been growing beyond anybody’s expectations. Twitter has given the world a unique new way to communicate. Through those tweets, the micro-messages can potentially snowball and become mass communication. In other words, Twitter has turned into a mouthpiece for the world!

Consider Adding Twitter to your Overall Marketing Mix

All of the aforementioned trends and directions give you every reason to seriously consider including Twitter as your marketing strategy. You might already be using social CRM software for data collection from other social sites.

Perhaps, you are also implementing different social media solutions to feel the pulse of your customers.

Irrespective, whatever marketing tactic or you are using, do not overlook the significance of Twitter in your marketing mix. Our analysis has revealed how Twitter can reinforce your brand and help you get your audience. So make a Twitter account and harness its tools for the benefit of your business.

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