Top SEO Trends to Rule Local Pakistani SEO in 2019

Top SEO Trends to Rule Local Pakistani SEO in 2019

Another year passes by and now the New Year brings us to that very same stage where we analyze and understand what has changed for an SEO professional working specifically for the Pakistani industry. It is time to look at what new SEO strategies are going to take over the Pakistani digital market, what new practices are going to be necessary and how they can help you dominate search results

Ranking factors are going to change somewhat in 2019 and it is imperative that you understand why. Below are 10 important points that you need to know as a SEO professional in Pakistan.

Understanding User Intent

Do you have an idea what your audience wants? What do they prefer?

These are the most important questions for the year 2019 if you are an SEO professional looking to take an edge in the Pakistani digital market. Google is focusing more on user’s journey on its search engine and so should you. The ranking of your website is going to depend on the user experience of your website which goes out to show that your web content must be written to satisfy your audience. Yes well written and optimized content is important but if it is not written for the correct audience then your website is going to suffer on SERPs.

You have to learn and know what your users want; any site improving user experience can find itself in the good books of Google.

Everything from content editing to keyword research is going to change in 2019. More focused will be required on user intent when researching for keywords, go through the SERPs to check whether website like yours are ranked on a certain targeted keyword or not if not then move to another keyword.

It is also important now that you focus more on answering user queries in your content rather than matching keywords. Answer your users in your content; a satisfied user increases your authority on Google.

Structured Data Mark Up More Important

AI is becoming more and more visible in Google’s algorithm every day hence increasing the importance of structured data markup in the Pakistani SERP as well. There is a possibility that Google moves from mobile-first to AI-first and in that case you have to regard structured data as the most important factor.

You have to get your information crawled faster, if it takes too much time it won’t do. Structured data mark up aids in fast processing, use suitable schema vocabulary for information, products and services on your pages.

Structured data is the key.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile-first indexing is in full flow, meaning if your website is not responding well on mobile devices then Google will not respond to your website.

Since the past two years mobile traffic has increased substantially and Google is now forcing website owners to optimize their websites for mobile devices. The speed of your website on mobile devices is going to be a great ranking factor on Google. Slow loading website on mobile devices is as good as dead for Google.

The reason is that majority of the users are now using mobile devices to surf the internet, more than 60% in fact. Making mobile responsive website is now imperative for a website owner otherwise your website is going to be disregarded.

Voice search

Voice search is becoming increasingly important as the world of search engine optimization is constantly evolving. With the growing use of voice search among users increasing it is no brainer that in time Google is going to force website owners to optimize their website for voice search

Voice search is a bit different to mainstream optimization and requires a different strategy to optimize. May be that is why people are reluctant to invest in that at the moment. But it is better to get the edge on your competition and optimize your website for voice search and make user experience better.

Write quality content

One thing which is not going to change is the quality of content you offer on your website. A recent study has shown that websites with content consisting of relevant, detailed and engaging information tend to out-do website whose content lack quality

Google focuses more on ranking website on SERPs which have an easily understandable content and focused on providing the right information.

Write problem solving content and starts a conversation with the audience, a content which makes user to make a decision.

Optimize Your Web on Other Search Engines

In 2019 you are going to witness many users searching on other search engines, other than Google.

At the moment no one can compete with Google but still the popularity of some of the search engines slowly increasing such as Amazon and Bing. You will find a material percentage of users using these search engines.

In order to gain the most leads and traffic it is important you give the users what they want and take control of every market available. Market your website in front of 100% of your potential customers.

Optimize your website for other search engines, if you have an app then optimize it on App store. Maximize your market and give the users complete opportunity to surf your web pages.

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