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Top digital trends which need to be followed in the year 2019

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Everything is changing, or shall I say evolving every year and so are the trends of digital marketing. Any digital marketer unaware of the latest digital marketing trends cannot hope to reach the top. Because the digital trends are changing every day.

Researching may be the only thing which stays constant in a time when digital marketing is evolving so rapidly. Which brings us to the very important question, where has the pendulum swung this year in 2019? We saw the introduction of quite a few new trends in 2018 and we can expect the same in 2019. There are a lot of new digital trends and we marketers are getting used to them to ease our research. We have listed some of the very important trends that you can take advantage of in your marketing strategy

The Latest Top Digital Trends

  • Chatbots
  • Voice Search
  • Video Content
  • Making use of influencers



Chatbots is and AI software which allows conversation between user in natural language through website, applications and mobile apps. A recent study has shown that more than 50% of the users prefer to use chatbots as a means of communication

Chat bots are a great tool to improve customer experience as they can provide answers to more than one question simultaneously that too in a natural language. This allows website owners to save time and improve their customer service. No user would have to wait hours or a day to get answer back.

Chatbots are always available for customers unlike customer service representative chatbots can answer back in an instant and are there to look after the customer every hour of every day. This helps business owner in cutting down the cost of hiring more customer representative as chatbots allow more work in a given time with more efficiency as they don’t make any human errors.

Voice search

Voice search’s importance is growing by the day as more and more users are slowly tilting towards voice search rather than tying long queries. More than 70% of the website traffic is coming from mobile searches. Furthermore, more than 50% of the mobile searches are voice searches.

This has given more importance to a more natural language SEO in content creation. As digital marketers we must optimize for voice search. This is where we have to use long-tailed keywords to target specific search queries. When creating the content answer the “why” “when” “how” “where” regarding your service or product, your keywords should have location price mentioned in it in order to provide the most relevant information to the user and optimize for voice search

Video content

Video content has been there for quite some time now but now in 2019 its importance has increased and it will keep on improving. Some suggest that it might be the only way to create content in the not so distant future.

Videos are being used everywhere and Google and social media platforms are giving more importance to video posts and content.

Videos create more trust about a service among the users as it is short, more lively and informative at the same time. Some business entities are using live video marketing to stay engaged with their customers. Posts more videos in your social media posts and on your website content. Your users want to get entertained while reading your content, and no one wants to get bored.

Making use of influencers

Influencers are all over the social media and they have some real influence on the audience. This trend has been on so much rise that the almost all the big brands have availed the power of social media influencers.   

Your brand being promoted by a 3rd party is more beneficial for you then you yourself being the promoter. And if the promoter is a well-known and authoritative individual then they can give your brand the boost you were looking for. Make use of the thousands of social media influencers, find the right one for your business and go for it.

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