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Steps to write SEO Friendly Content

Steps to write SEO Friendly Content

Back when Google was not around it was very easy for Website developers to put content on a website and be free of any worry about Optimization and ranking. Now things are different. Now if you want to make sure that your brand reaches the audience and the potential customer then it is very important for you to put only that content in your website which is SEO friendly. Not every content is SEO friendly. For a content to be SEO friendly it is very important for it have complete Page Optimization. The content should represent the whole website and if it can do that it is for sure SEO friendly.

There are certain steps which content writers can follow to make sure that they are representing the whole website through their SEO friendly content.

Keywords are the Key

The critical step which every Content Writer and Blogger should take is to research the keywords in its pure form. In keyword research, bloggers use the keywords to research the search terms which people used over the years in their search query. If you want to make sure that your brand makes the headlines then it is important for you to use long tail keywords. Search for the amazing keywords and put the content in your website according to that. It is a sure shot win.

Search for keywords in your competitors arena

When a person launches a website or a brand he can be certain that there are many other websites or brands which are relevant to it. Before you go searching for long-term keywords to produce SEO Friendly Content it is important that you spy to find and see which keywords your competitors are using to get the traffic on their website. Life is all about smart work. By spying on your competitor’s keywords you will know that this particular keyword will get me traffic. It is a good practice and this practice guarantees you SEO friendly content.

Keyword density is Important

Keyboard stuffing is a prerequisite when you are writing a content for your website but when you abuse the keyword stuffing it becomes keyword spamming. You don’t need to put your desired keyword in a content like a mad hatter. Be sure when you put a Keyword in your content it looks natural and unique. It is important to know the techniques of using the keyword density to produce SEO Friendly Content.

The Other steps which you should consider before putting a content on a web page are

  • Make sure you choose a perfect and attractive title for your content.
  • Try to use headings.
  • Sub headings are also important.
  • it will be amazing if you put a SEO friendly URL.
  • Description Never Goes Out of fashion and last but not the least make sure that your content is mobile friendly because not everyone is using a computer these days.

Relevance, Information and engagement

Lastly, but the most important of them all, after you have carefully substituted the keywords in the content, you need to make sure the content you have crafted sends out a clear message to the users, its  crucial that it has the right information which is relevant to the users you are targeting.

Secondly, no matter how much information you add in your content, it will not harness the results you are hoping for if the content is not engaging. Make sure you are engaging the user with your content, use active voice, add a little humor and do remember to add some statistics as this surely attracts the attention of the reader. Also infographics will add more flavor to you content so remember to use more pictures which tell a story and more detail to your content. Looks like a lot to remember? It is always a good strategy to hire blog writing services for your business, this allows brand owners to focus on their products and services.

By following these amazing steps you can be certain that you are producing SEO friendly content for your webpage.

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