Some Of The Best Video SEO Practices

Some Of The Best Video SEO Practices

The methodology of SEO has transformed or evolved considerably over the past few years due to technological advancements and changing trends among the experts and internet users. Due to this, video SEO has started to establish its authority in comparison with the customary SEO methods. Video SEO has now become one of the major factors in attracting more website traffic and gain popularity on the online market.

Videos have become a popular online marketing strategy among expert marketers when it comes to content creation. With online users preferring to watch short yet informative and engaging videos instead of reading long passages, Google itself is giving priority to websites who have used videos for their content strategy. Videos allow easy conversation with the users and gives the website owner the perfect way to provide complete information regarding their products and services in a short time.

Video SEO Best Practices & Strategies

Today we are going to discuss with you some of the best video SEO strategies.

1. Optimizing the Choice of Video Hosting Platform

The first and most crucial step of your video SEO is to choose the appropriate platform to display your video message to your users. It is all about how you achieve your marketing goals and provide your business and an online presence.

Some of the best platforms for showcasing your video content to your potential customers and target audience is Youtube and Vimeo. Getting your videos indexed on such platforms will first increase the traffic on that particular platform and from there you can divert traffic to your website.

However, if you want to quicken the traffic accumulation on your website you can always take help from video hosting platforms such as Wix which inserts the SEO metadata so that your video gets indexed early and you can attract more traffic.

2. Power of Video Transcript

Unlike the perception among some marketers, video transcript is a very powerful tool to not only rank your video quickly but also it helps increase online traffic. Certain users like to read the transcript before watching the video, sometimes the videos do not load fast enough so transcript helps users. Secondly, this way Google bot can also understand what the video is about and the indexing of your video is made easy.

3. Appealing Thumbnail Image

You cannot write a book and leave out the cover page and same is the case with videos. Thumbnail images, if used properly, help the users find what they are looking for and that is why you cannot afford to lose out on the very initial stage of attracting online traffic. Thumbnail images are what you see before you click on the video, the image depicts what the video is about, It is like a cover of a book or a homepage of your website. So many user only decide to watch the video because they are attracted by the image, so it carries great value. Make sure to put in some effort to create good thumbnail images. According to most SEO experts in Pakistan, thumbnail image is a crucial factor in the increase of viewership of your videos. But you cannot just put up an attractive image, the image should be relevant with the title and transcript of the video, matching all three perfectly will win you on the first step.

4. Tell your Story from Enticing Title and Description

The title of anything tells half the story, and same is the case with the titles of videos. It is just like Meta title of a web page or blog post, it helps the user and the search engine understand what the video is all about. A good and relevant title will increase viewership and also it is a great ranking factor.

The technicality of SEO even in video remains same, you have to be relevant when creating content. If the video is about something specific then you cannot go out create a rather generic topic, no, you must make it relevant so the user does not feel deceived. Otherwise you will be in danger of fall in ranking. And simply put, title of a video is not something so difficult, make sure to craft out something creative so you do not have to see the hard work you put in your video go to waste.

5. Embedding Video in the Correct Place

It is not the best practice to put more than one video on a search page as Google indexes the first video on the page. If you have numerous videos added on one page of your website, then you have to make sure that the web page is ranked first. One video on a page is the best policy to interest the attention of the users and evade clutter on your webpage.

6. Centralize Your Video

Placement of your video is very important, your user will not always move at the end of the page to find your video, instead you have to serve them so that they find everything right in front of them. It is better to always place your videos in the center of web page. That is because, user at first will be able to read the important content of the page and then, while his interest levels are still high, move on to the video. Placing the video at the top may distract him/her from reading the content, which might have something important. Placing video at the bottom will only increase the chances of decrease in the ranking as people are not so interested to find the video in the clutter of your website. Make sure your video is added right in the center of the page so the user can have what he wants right in front of him.

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