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Social Media The Biggest Online Marketing Tool In Pakistan

Social Media The Biggest Online Marketing Tool In Pakistan

Pakistan has a population which is about to become the fifth largest in the world and around 80% of the population of the country can be found on different social media platforms.
Facebook alone is home to millions of Pakistanis and then you have twitter and Instagram as another social domains for the Pakistani society to engage with. The increasing digital population in Pakistan has given great rise to digital marketing through social media platform. It was long ago that social media platforms were used sharing and communicating, now social media is the perfect market place for consumers, brands and large industries.
Social media has become the biggest and most powerful online marketing tool for businesses and brands across Pakistan. It is fast, easy and relevant, all the ingredients to give you the perfect platform to succeed.
The potential to increase your business through social media is huge and one must understand how important it is to utilize the power presented to them by social media in order to capture their target market and increase their brand awareness.
That is why below we are going to discuss the benefits social media provides to businesses and consumers across Pakistan.

Relevant traffic

The first thing social media provides to business is the most relevant traffic to their websites. With the power of social media you do not have to worry about finding your target audience, social media does that for you by itself. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram will display your ad on the feeds of those users who might be interested in your services or products. These platforms make those judgement by keeping an eye on the users past activities and what seems to be of interest to them.
By that you can rest easy that your investment in social ad campaigns will only be fruitful if nothing else.

Increased brand awareness

Social media provides great potential to small-medium sized businesses looking for recognition. With the right social media strategy you are sure to attract a large number of audience to your brand and increase your reputation. Of course the service and quality of products you provide will be the most crucial part, but if you succeed on that front then your customers will do your branding for you all for free. Believe it or not word spreads like lightning on the internet.

Convenient and fast

One great benefit of social media is the fact that it provides great ease and convenience to businesses and brands across the country.
Even for small startups social media provides allowance to start any business and services from home. You can easily set up a page and start your ad campaigns and deliver your products and services to customers without the need of having a dedicated place or splashing cash on advertising agencies and all.
You can start your business in a snap and watch it grow in no time. All you have to do is fulfill on your promise to give your customers the best.

Astounding ROI

Yes, social ad campaigns can sometimes come as expensive as you would be required to invest quite a lot of capital. But with guaranteed results, through a comprehensive social media strategy, you can expect returns as great as 5 times the investment.
You can expect the inquiries to crash your door and see great increase in your sales by just one ad campaign. Most businesses in Pakistan are solely dependent on social media to find relevant customers and, believe it or not, they are finding immense success through it.

Improved ranking on SERPs

This is somewhat a long term process. Social media marketing does not affect the ranking of your website directly but lays down the foundation of better ranking for the future. With social media you are bound to have a great increase in your website traffic and with time that traffic will keep on increasing.
Once you start satisfying customers your website ranking will slowly start to go up the ladder. So you are targeting two targets in one shot with social media marketing.

Keeps you engaged with customers

The greatest thing about social media is that you and your customers are available to each other 24/7. You can communicate with them like you want, when you want and from where ever you want. You can present any new product or any new update to each and every one of your customer with just one click. And with your customers and clients present on the platform with you it will keep you on your toes about what they are thinking about your new updates and what they want from you in the future. You can always grow with you customers at your side.

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