SEO Is Evolving, Are You Ready?

SEO Is Evolving, Are You Ready?

We are more than halfway through 2019 and we believe that it is time to discuss about how SEO has evolved and what new SEO trends are on offer. As Google is adamant to not allow any low quality content and spam to go through, it has continuously brought it new updates almost every day. Throughout 2018, Google made various updates, major and minor, to their algorithm meaning the search engine is getting smarter by the day and will tighten the screws when it comes to the quality of content. SEO is evolving fellas

With everything going on board the online express SEO is becoming more important every day rather than every year, the digital landscape is getting bigger by the minute and it seems that there is no stopping the juggernaut. And any online enterprise who is busy increasing the quality and responsiveness of their website are sure to reap the benefits.

Google’s core philosophy is now to precisely match information on a website to the users search queries, words and phrases. Google now tries to find the intention behind every search. As the importance of long-tailed and geo-specific keywords has increased significantly alongside LSI keywords, it has altered the scenario of On-Page SEO. And now Rankbrain has become the core part of Google algorithm to make sure that websites are providing user worthy information and fulfilling the user’s intent.

In order to stay ahead of the pack we must look at what has become of SEO in 2019 and how the landscape could shift in the coming days.

Voice Search

Voice search has been there for some time now but the emergence of virtual voice assistance such as Alexa, Echo and Siri, you just cannot ignore the need for voice optimization on your website anymore. As per Google more than 71% of users who have the luxury of voice search use it quite routinely for online purposes.

With voice search coming to the fray you cannot rely on simple one or two phrase keywords anymore, you have to optimize your content for specific search queries now. When it comes to voice search the queries are usually long-tailed and Google provides results according to it.

In order to tackle the situation you have to work on the quality of the content. Adding FAQs would seem as a worthy strategy, basically what the user does is that they do not speak the words “affordable seo services”, what they would probably search using voice search is “where can I find the quality and affordable seo services in USA?”

When a user searches something like that the search engine finds the content which gives the best possible answer to this query. So what you can do is add the section of FAQs in your content where you can answer questions which you know your potential customers will ask.

Video and Animation

Google has been working on the betterment of content for some time now and they can easily differentiate between good and bad content. For Google it is all about providing content to users which engages them and provides relevant information. When it comes to engaging, video content beats all, videos are quite short, informative and filled with humor and most importantly they deliver the message in an instant where the user doesn’t have to read the whole content.

Any website with video content is bound to engage the user, given that their videos are actually informative and engaging. Once you engage the user and their dwell time on your website increases, your bounce rate decreases indicating to Google that your website is providing user worthy content. This eventually takes your website up in the SERPs.

Customer Reviews

Customer satisfaction has never been this important as it is right now and it has become a powerful tool to attract more customers. 9 out of 10 customer will check your reviews from past customers before inquiring about your services and products. Any service or product you sell you can count on any potential customer to have a look at its review before they purchase it. That is why it is important that you make the right impression in this regard if you are to increase your sales.

When customers give out reviews for any service and product they not only be classed as the finest source of user-generated content about your business but also the language used usually contain your keywords which can only benefit you. That is why case studies and user reviews are so important, you would see every big brand and website would have a section dedicated just for case studies and reviews, this is the best way to get a third party mention and increase your brand authority.

These are some of the important elements of the ever changing SEO landscape. If you are to keep your website and brand on top of the pecking order you need to stay right on point with your research every day. SEO is your most important online marketing campaign as it provides the fastest way to organic traffic to your website. Make sure you are doing it right. SEO is evolving make sure you are too.

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