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Research on Digital Marketing in 2020

Research on Digital Marketing in 2020

Research is a process of collecting and assembling all the information available. The information gathered helps determine the needs and wants of the target market. It shows whether or not if there is a potential market for a particular product or service or not. With the help of the data collected, businesses make the next move. Marketing research is done surveys and interviews. With changing time, traditional marketing tactics are also evolving; businesses are moving towards a more digitalized marketing system. Contrary to traditional marketing, Digital Marketing Agency OR Digital Marketing Services utilizes the power of internet to unleash the true potential of a business of a plan. Businesses have started to invest larger proportion of their business budget in digital marketing, in order to gain competitive advantage.

How to Plan for Digital Marketing?

Content Writing

With keen strategies and proper planning, any business can take the lead. Hence it is very important to be mindful of the techniques that you use; about its effectiveness and efficiency. Study has shown, content writing to be the most efficient and widely used marketing tool that is now being widely incorporated in the business. The figures show that 58% of the businesses go with content writing while 50% with SEO friendly content featuring snippets followed by 47% of those who use email as a marketing tool.

Increasing Sales

The primary goal of every business is to obtain more customers, which in turn be beneficial for the business as the sales will increase. Therefore, it is important the marketing tactics align with the primary goals and objectives of the business. Having marketing tactics aligned with the goals will for sure increase sales in the longer run.

Customer Engagement

It is vital to stay in continuous engagement and interaction with your customers in order to know what they actually look for in the product and what is it that they do not prefer. With a more advanced and digitalized world, staying in touch with the customers is not a difficult task.

Customer Experience

The growth of internet has provided a huge platform to customers to choose from, they no longer sit and wait for the opportunity to come instead they go get it themselves. Therefore, businesses should be more focused towards providing excellence, an unforgettable customer experience. Research has shown how 73% of the people agree that good customer experience creates an overall positive impact.

Focus on Customer Retention

Instead of focusing more on gathering more and more customers; it is important to prioritize the exiting one. Word of mouth is the key to the success of any business, when people will hear good things about your business from others they will automatically be tempted to give your product a chance. Therefore, it is very important to prioritize your existing customers and being loyal to them by giving them birthday discounts, loyalty cards, benefits that other customers don’t normally get. This not just increases sales in the longer term but will also create awareness and build a reputation of your business. In contrast to that, loyal customers are in a way act as an unpaid influencer and ambassador for your business.

So just keep your website SEO up to the task and stay within the guidelines of Google.

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