Important On-Page Elements For Effective SEO In 2019

Important On-Page Elements For Effective SEO In 2019

When it comes to on-page SEO Meta tags description keywords and content are the most used terms or dare I say overly used terms. Though they are still key part of your on-page SEO or may be the most important part but when you talk about SEO in 2019 then there are a number of new strategies on the table which you must apply during On-page SEO for your website
These are little things if applied properly will show big results. Below I am going to list out some of those strategies to help you generate more leads.

Some important On-page SEO strategies

Content of your website probably the most important part of On-page SEO and we all know that we should be writing unique content which is free from grammatical errors and so on. But filling web pages with informative content will only help you to a certain extent, there are certain practices you must apply in order to get the crawler to value your content more than the others.

Use your keyword in your main title

The main title on the web page gives your customer an idea about your service, brand and products hence the title carries too much value to the Google crawler. That is why it is advised t use your keywords in your title as it will help your website a long way when it comes to ranking on those particular keywords.

Begin your title with H1 and sub headings with H2

The H1 tag is used for the main title of your content. H1 tag basically gives the crawler the indication of the importance of what you are telling to your users, the higher the heading the more weight it carries. Just like that you should use H2 tag for sub headings which would suggests that after the main title sub headings are most important.

Use modifiers in your content

When you are editing the content on your website you must use modifiers such as best, quality, affordable. It won’t hurt if you use 2019 in your content which would give the impression to your users how current you are. It should be mentioned that whenever users search for digital services they are looking for something of quality which is affordable and best for them. This would help you with ranking on competitive search queries.

 Make a habit of adding infographics and media in your content

Multimedia and infographics are engaging factors for your website. They act as a breath of fresh air a change in environment from reading lengthy paragraphs. Pictures and videos attract people, they are great and concise way of dishing out information to users. This will help your website with the bounce rate and when your bounce rate is good then it means the customers are loving it.

Use linking in your content

It is a great strategy to use links in your content which makes accessing of different web pages easier. Internally link your pages to each other which allows user to move within your website as they please, this makes user experience wonderful. Secondly you should also use outbound links in your content, this is an effective strategy when it comes to establishing relevancy of your content as it helps Google identify about your service and what you are talking about.

Keep your site up to speed

One important strategy in keeping customers and google happy is the boosting of your website from time to time. Nobody likes to hang on sites which load too slow, this is a major ranking factor. To increase your ranking it is better to boost your site on every device to help user experience.
Make sure you are utilizing all the mentioned On-Page strategies to boost your website SEO and quickly reach the top of Google SERPs.
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