Google’s Latest Update to Filter AI-generated SEO Content

Google's Latest Update to Filter AI-generated SEO Content

With the inclusion of AI generated tools, the world of content generation changed forever. Tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, and Writers AI have taken the world by storm, making companies invest thousands of dollars on these services. However, Google is not appreciative of this AI content and is currently adding updates to filter out AI generated SEO content.

Google's Latest Update to Filter AI-generated SEO Content


Google’s Latest Update to Filter AI generated SEO Content

The AI tools may have seen days of glory earlier, but its high time for people that use these writing tools to prepare for what’s coming. Google has been working on mitigating the AI content spree for quite some months, and the latest update has completely turned things around.

Before discussing the latest updates, let’s take a step back and talk about what the previous updates have been regarding.

A Quick Look Back at Google’s Past Updates against AI Generated SEO Content

The first update against AI content came back in May 2023. It was a planned update focused on targeting low-quality content. While the AI tools were efficient at creating content, they missed out on the “humanized” element necessary for reach and engagement. 

This update removed low-quality content from search results, resulting in non-authentic content getting filtered out. The AI content getting removed took a serious toll on the rankings of brands that leveraged AI tools.

Furthermore, Google also shared its plans to improve its algorithms to better identify content that:

  • With poor readability or user experience.
  • Uninformative or misguiding content
  • Content designed specifically for search engines, rather than human readers.

Google had been planning this update these AI content started gathering traction back in 2022. They used the 2022 Insights to target content that was unoriginal. It focused on ensuring any content surfacing the web for 100% original and meets the user intent.  

This allowed Google to refine its ranking systems and gave a chance to companies to redirect their content generation strategies.

According to stats, 98% of the traffic generated from Google SEO AI generated content was lost causing billions of dollars of loss for business owners.

While it was a serious hit, Google still hasn’t backed down from its roots and still pushing for AI free content for its users. Thus, Google’s latest update to filter out AI generated SEO content is still going high. Most brands have used a combination of SEO and AI generated content, which could mean serious traffic range changes for these companies.

Google Algorithm Latest Updates: A Deep Dive for Marketers

Google has been working relentlessly on improving content quality and options available clients. It has a direct impact on business owners as well as Digital Marketing Services. Let’s dive into the details and frequency of updates that Google usually follows:

Frequency of Updates:

  • While there’s no hard and fast rule on when Google releases an update, it constantly tweaks the search algorithms. The idea behind this approach is to make the online content, ranking systems, and user experience as viable as possible.
  • On the other hand, if we see previous trends with Google, it’s safe to say Major updates (broad core updates) with Google occur annually. This means, Google releases and update, waits for a year on average, tweaks the past strategy and then formulates something better based on the insights collected.
  • While most of the updates are clearly mentioned and featured across official and non-official platforms- that’s not all. In fact, many smaller updates don’t even get noticed because they hardly cause a massive difference on traffic rates.

Why These Updates Make a Difference for Marketers:

A common reason why digital marketing services stay up to date with their updates is because it helps with staying informed. It lets business websites align with latest ranking systems set by Google. Similarly, changes in search results can help determine when Google makes a change. So, staying updated and in touch with these changes is necessary.

2024 Updates (So Far): Everything We Know

Google has made significant changes in the year 2024 as well. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what these changes look like.

1.       March 2024 Core Algorithm Update:

The core algorithm update is focused on enhancing search result quality focusing on high-value content. With the inclusion of this update, there’s a focus on reducing “search-engine-first” content. Googe is removing all the content that’s written and updated for the search engines alone.

With this update, we could see some serious changes in the market as Google systems will take its time to “fully update and reinforce each other.”  However, we may seem some noticeable changes within a month.

2.       March 2024 Spam Update:

Apart from search engine-oriented content, Google is also improving its spam content. The latest spam policies are working on the following areas:

  • Site Reputation Abuse: Many websites have also misused their reputation by adding low-quality third-party pages. This is a sneaky trick to boost the rankings of their websites. However, this will no longer work considering the latest 2024 update. Unfortunately, we can only know the true outcome for this update in a month.
  • Scaled Content Abuse:  With AI SEO content generation, companies have abused content generation beyond repair. Therefore, Google has updated its algorithm to detect and de-rank human-generated content as well as AI material created to manipulate the search engines. This is a massive step and has done the most significant damage to website rankings.
  • Expired Domain Abuse:  Some brands have used well-reputed domains that have good rankings to publish low-quality websites. The idea is to generate leads with previous reputation created by the said website.

3.       Technical Considerations:

Google has introduced some additional changes that most digital marketing services overlook. These are technical considerations that could impact the overall conversions and effectiveness of campaigns.

For starters, Natural Language Processing (NLP)has gained further traction. With the NLP approach Google analyzes content semantics, determining quality content. It lets the search engines comprehend the content better and rank it accordingly.

Another major technical change that we have seen in the industry is the use ofBidirectional Encoder Representations (BERT). 

Fortunately, with the use of Google’s AI/Machine Learning model, you can understand this information. The system helps interpret search queries and rank the content accordingly.

What You Should Be Doing about the 2024 Update: Staying Ahead of the Curve

There’s no denying that Google is actively targeting all kinds of AI generated content and fake rankings. With the growing trend, the faster brands make changes to their existing approach, the better. The question is, what options does one have? We have some suggestions that could help your brand improve and counter the updates for better website ranking.

  1. Track Official Announcements: 

The first step is to stay in touch with the latest changes in trends. The best way to do it is to regularly check Google’s Search Central blog. Also, check the social media channels to stay updated. We also recommend following SEO experts, and relevant professionals. Traffic analysis tools can also provide professionals a chance to keep changes and volatility in check.

Google's Latest Update to Filter AI-generated SEO Content


  • Prioritize User-Centric Content:

Keywords have always played a vital role organic reach. However, now its time to take a step forward and focus on content.  Some great suggestions can be to create informative and researched content to create your authority. Try experimenting with different formats to keep your venture growing. These simple steps can take your strategies to the next level.

  • SEO is Still a Must

Regardless of how many trends digital marketing change, SEO remains on top. Make sure your website is perfectly SEO optimized with technical SEO elements added. A good start can be checking your Page Speed Optimization to make your website rank better.

  •  Create Better Content Structure

Reviews and product information have always played a vital role in success of websites. They are a great way to diversify your content modes and give the brand a massive boost among competition. Once Google’s algorithms see you as a reliable source of info, the rest if all downhill.

We also recommend staying up to date with the latest changes and technical advancements. It does take time to fully comprehend how it works.

Are All the Changes Final?

We may have discussed most information in this article, however, there’s a lot of ambiguity remaining. The confirmed updates clearly show that Google is prioritizing natural content only. Human content paired with SEO practices can take brands in 2024 to the next level.  

While we are yet to see the full impact of these updates, experts believe it’ll take around a month to show. We recommend taking the time to master SEO to create organic reach.

If you’re having trouble with that, experts at SEOHUB can assist you. We have decades of experience with local and international SEO needed to make your digital marketing campaigns successful.

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