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Digital Marketing Industry Trends In Pakistan To Follow in 2020

Digital Marketing Industry Trends In Pakistan To Follow in 2020

Digital marketing trends in Pakistan include everything from content and media marketing to the use of artificial intelligence in marketing. The owners of shrewdness business knows that the landscape of digital marketing in 2019 and further is changing more quickly. Some of the trends that you can’t afford to ignore as they silently change the digital marketing industry are as follows:

The Insta-Celebrity and the “Influencer”

Word-of-mouth has been a way of marketing from the beginning. Consumers trust on the words of their colleagues, friends or family members. However the “Influencer” trend has change this step further.

Guide others by example by employing famous people with their expertise. Influencers show them products or services that they should try.

These professional advertisers do their product pushing naturally. They show how products and services are helping them live the beautiful lives they behave on social media.

This affect consumers to want these products and services themselves.

Messaging And Social Media Apps

In last decades, it might have seemed “unprofessional” to offer customer support through a social media messaging app. But digital marketing trends for 2020 indicate that consumers are much more likely to respond positively to this option.

Companies are using popular chat applications for their services and support where consumers are already having most of their conversations.

These include WhatsApp and Facebook messenger because their maximum customers are on social messaging apps than YouTube or Facebook.

Social commerce is also on their top with no signs of go slower. Today, the most famous social media platform is Instagram.

With the help of Instagram checkout, consumers click on images of products and purchase them directly through the app. Brands can increase their conversions easier than ever before.

Raising The Voice Of The Consumer

Now, families can go through a whole day talking to the effective assistants and voice recognition technology and devices in their homes.

They can get their products without touching the devices they are interacting with or picking up a phone.

Voice searches account for nearly half of all searches. That includes searches for products and services. Now companies are producing digital marketing approaches exactly for voice-driven technology.

This may contain recipes that recommend specific branded products. Or it could be directions for restore that offer deals for local home and auto shops.

Despite of how it’s used, voice will play an important role in everyday technological life and also in digital marketing in future.

Telling Stories Instead Of Sharing Posts

Now you have noticed that almost every platform brag some “stories” feature.

These features are an effective way of sharing instructions, short-term content with followers. Temporary person use them to share their daily activities and exiting networking events.

These features of storytelling can make important advertising chances for brands when used correctly. The tip is simply knowing how and when to use this feature.

As stories on most platforms offer a photo or video that is visible only for some hours or days, this is a good way to deliver information or promotions with a short expiry date.

This may contain:

  • Coupons
  • Promotion codes
  • Sale information

Interactive Content Creation – Getting Your Consumers Involved

Today’s consumers are more likely to be positively influenced by user-generated content for an experience.

User-generated content is content that companies have accepted from consumers that throw their products or services with a positive reviews.

Content may contain media or text, and always uses more clever marketing techniques than traditional advertisements.

Consider successful commercials. They often show people that consumers can relate to in settings that look familiar. These people are enjoying the products or services being advertised.

When you use that same concept with media from potential consumers or users themselves, it gives layer of trustworthiness to your marketing.

Consumers are more likely to trust their family members or friends when they see them taking interest in something. And for brands that content is one of the best digital marketing tools.

It is important to remember that the digital marketing industry is like a living thing, always changing and adapting.

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