Characteristics of a Trustworthy SEO Agency

Characteristics of a Trustworthy SEO Agency

SEO has come a long way from when it started back in the late 90s and in 2019 it is in full flow such that it has become a necessity for every local and worldwide business taking the online route.

Due to being the most in demand online digital service SEO has become the bread and butter for a number of digital service providers. And when there are so many professional SEO services providers it obviously becomes really difficult to find a reliable agency who provide trustworthy SEO services and most importantly respect their clients.

There are a lot of companies who have started their business because SEO has a lot of scope when it comes to getting business but most of them fail when it comes to providing the complete service which includes customer service, SEO services and delivering great results. Not every agency is up to the mark from every angle.

So all you have to do is find the most trustworthy agency who can actually take you forward. But then again how will you find the most trustworthy Company? What you need to look at to identify a SEO company as trustworthy?

Well you don’t have to worry about that as below I am going to list the a few very important characteristics of a trustworthy SEO company.


When you are looking to hire a SEO agency you must determine the fact that they are transparent in their dealing and in their work process in order to gain trust.

You need to look if the agency tells you what requires to be done on your website and they back it with a proper audit report which tells what needs fixing. Secondly they should also tell how they will do it with a complete presentation to make you understand the process so you can understand the complete how and why. They must meet you in a scheduled meeting so you are left with no questions and doubts

Now after the starting of SEO process a trustworthy SEO agency will provide you with complete and timely reports of the progress of your website.

Also the most important is that you must have direct access with the people managing the SEO of your website otherwise it could mean that the so-called “dedicated team” is a one man army who is trying to sell his services to you.

Realistic Guarantees

A trustworthy SEO company provided its clients with guarantees which are realistic. They will not go overboard with their promises and say things like we will rank you at the top of every search query.

But a trustworthy SEO agency will make a dialogue with you, understand your business goals and takes into account your budget before giving you any assurances.

Also a good SEO agency will tell you about every keyword, about its volume, competitiveness and how much time it will take your website to rank on every keyword as no one can rank a website on every keyword in a short period of time.

A trustworthy company will tell you that the requirements of SEO are changing every few months and they will comply with the latest guidelines of Google in order to provide the best SEO. They will promise you only a certain number results which can be harnessed in a specified time.

Customer satisfaction

Lastly the most important, a great SEO agency always thrives for the best for the best of their clients. But how would you know?

Firstly you can judge somewhat through a meeting with the agency representatives and the people who will carry out the SEO process. Make sure they do not mention any black-hat SEO techniques. Secondly they would listen to your business goals first, your budget and what you want and then tell you how they can help you achieve that rather than blabbering about how they can rank you on top of SERPs and bring more business to your website.

Also you must look at the reviews their services have received over time. If they are an old SEO agency then they must have some positive reviews which will give you an idea of their services.

If they care about you then they will tell you everything very honestly as to what they can help you achieve and what may require more time.

Lastly I would like to suggest that you get a free consultation and website audit from number of agencies as almost every agency offers free website audit. This will allow you to understand a little bit about their customer service and how they go about with their SEO services.

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