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What are backlinks

What Are Backlinks? And How Do They Enhance SEO

Google and the other search engines can now recognize the purpose of our queries and give us the most relevant results. ...

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Types of 404 Error Codes and How To Fix It

Types Of 404 Error Codes And How To Fix It

Does this sound familiar: You’re navigating a certain website, trying to find information on something and you click on ...

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What is Https and Why Https is Required By Google

What Is HTTPS And Why HTTPS Is Required By Google

What Is HTTPS? Hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) is a safer and much more secure version of HTTP. HTTP has b...

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How To Remove URLs From Google Search (6 Methods)

There is a rich profusion of ways to remove URLs from Google, but every approach is fit for a different purpose. You can...

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How To Submit URLs To Google In 1 Minute Or Less?

Google appeared on the search engine scene back in 1996, and ever since it has been providing us with amazing innovation...

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Subdomains Vs Subfolders: Which is Better For SEO and Why?

With all the latest updates flowing in, there has been a lot of debate in SEO on the topic of Subdomain vs Subdirectory....

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