Best SEO Tools You Need To Boost Your SEO Campaign.

Best SEO Tools You Need To Boost Your SEO Campaign.

The use of right SEO tools has become important to bringing relevant and good traffic to your website. In this digital world, with the ever increasing competition has made it difficult to rank your website on the first page of search engine. But with such growth in SEO has also marked a huge increase in the number of SEO tools to be used. This makes thing quite confusing for anyone as to what tool could provide the excellent solution.

To truly understand the importance of tools one must know about SEO and how it done.

What Do SEO Tools Offer?

SEO tools implementation provides the important boost for your website. By using right tool you can increase a website traffic and also more customers in return. Right use of SEO tool will help you to build your website visibility and increase your ROI.

By using tools you can keep your website and its content updated. This will help you with your website’s ranking as keeping your website updated plays a huge part in Google’s ranking factors.

Below are some tools that you can use to increase your website.

SEO tools.

Here is the list of most important SEO tools which you will need to help you with the SEO of your website.



This is a tool which can help you in keyword research. It is use by many SEO experts for creating the powerful content. You can also use this tool for carrying out a complete audit of your website by which you can find the issues and fix them. Some features provided by SEMRush are listed below

  • Keyword analytics
  • Keyword positions
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Domain to Domain Comparison
  • Site Audit
  • Reporting
  • On Page Audit
  • Project monitor
  • Deep link analysis and much more

Its a very comprehensive auditing and analytical tool for any SEO. Its easy to use and provides great insight to any SEO Campaign

You can get SEMRush for your SEO Campaign, the prices may seem high but the value for money is even greater


  • Pro plan = $119.95 Monthly
  • Guru plan = $229.95 Monthly
  • Business plan = $449.95 Monthly

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Mangools is another SEO tool that provides great insight for your SEO campaign. They provide different amazing tools for SEO such as KWfinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner & SiteProfiler. These are a comprehensive combination of SEO tools provided by Mangools. You can do your keywords research, analyze your backlink profile and do a complete site audit plus more with Mangools tools.

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Keywords Everywhere.

It is another tool which you can install as an extension on your browser. It is a handy tool when you are performing research for keywords. It provides you with the related keywords to your queries and also provide with the volume of keywords to help you decide better


It is a paid tool. It helps in finding genuine backlinks for your website through peeping on your competition. Looking to analyze how your competitors are doing? Ahrefs will tell you everything about their traffic, paid traffic, backlinks and number of keywords on which the website is ranking. There are other enormous benefits of Ahrefs.


It is a browser extension that is beneficial in helping you find the ranking of your website on different queries. Through this you can collect complete data regarding the search volume of your queries on every browser. Also, you can use it to find backlinks information of any website you have currently opened. T. You can also check the ranking of your website on any keyword through this extension.

Google Search Console.

It is a free tool provided by Google to maintain your website. This is where you can index your website quickly without delay. Also it allows you to block web pages that you don’t want to be crawled through robots. Through search console you can see errors on your page and performances of your web URLs on the search engine.

Google Analytics.

Google analytics provides complete analysis of your website. It shows how your website is doing, how much traffic is coming to your site and from what regions. If you integrate Google search console with it you can also see the position of all your web pages on different keywords. Complete statistics and data collection regarding online web traffic to and from your website. One of the best tools to keep you updated about your website performance.

All in all SEO tools have proven themselves as one of the most important factor in helping you get your website ranked. Keep using these tools and provide the much needed boost to your brand.

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