14 Benefits of Google Knowledge Panel for Business Owners

Benefits of Google Knowledge Panel for Business Owners

SEO Services have now become a must for brands big and small. We see these services thriving and aiming to achieve more for their clients. The question is, what role does Google Knowledge panels for business owners? It’s a commonly asked question, and despite being highly popular, many people still don’t know about it.

What is Google Knowledge Panel?

Google Knowledge Panels are the informational boxes that show up on the screen when an individual searches for something on the web.

It’s like a quick summary related to your search query. It can be regarding anything like a person, a place, an object, or pretty much anything.

The information displayed through this panel is known as Knowledge Graph. Think of the graph as a giant digital encyclopedia. These panels provide detailed snapshot regarding different topics.

Some common results that may pop up in these graphs may include the following:

  • Social media and relevant fact links backed with sources
  • Different facts like the birth place and dates of people
  • Images
  • Description and title for the relevant query
  • A longer, more detailed description

Benefits of Google Knowledge Panels for Business Owners

Google Knowledge Panels (KPs) are much like business card but with a massive potential. Google KPs offer information on display for your business regarding your business. It’s a quick way to introduce your business to potential and existing clients.

People undermine the importance of these Google Knowledge panels for their business because they don’t fully understand their benefits. We’ll cover some basic points and get started.

1.      Improved Visibility & Organic Discovery:

KPs help business rank higher in client results mainly because they offer a chance to showcase the business in top results. Know your brand will only grow if it’s being discovered.  Additionally, KPs are also sort of landing page within search results.

These KPs are also suitable attracting organic traffic without traffic campaigns. It could also help with the role of Digital Marketing Services for your brand. After all, studies show that organic traffic conversion rates are 5-10% higher compared to paid traffic.

2.      Increased Credibility & Trust:

Credibility is a must if you want to succeed as a brand. Therefore, Google verifies KP information, and ensures your brand becomes credible and trustworthy for people. Another way to look at this, is as a verified stamp on your business.

A well-designed KP can better represent your professionalism relevant to user experience. According to Statista, 87% of consumers believe they would rather be influenced by user reviews before making any purchases.  

3.      Improved User Engagement & Interaction:

KPs let businesses show important information relevant to their venture. This information is crucial for bringing more users to the business. The KPS may feature the following all in one convenient location.:

  • Website link
  • Special offers
  • Photos
  • Customer reviews
  • Contact details

With this information displayed properly, is users can easily contact businesses quicker, reducing churn rates and focusing on immediate engagement.

4.      Powerful User Insights & Analytics:

Most businesses don’t fully understand the need to claim Google knowledge panel as they don’t get how amazing it can be. It can actually help with tracking user behavior, which one can convert into strategies if analyzed carefully.

The KPs provide valuable insights and interactable information such as:

  • Views
  • Search queries
  • Clicks

Understanding the difference between Google knowledge panel for person and Google knowledge panel for business is crucial if you wish for better results.

5.      Local SEO Powerhouse for Brick-and-Mortar Businesses:

Local SEO optimization can be greatly beneficial for business and provide a geolocation Advantage. With KPs, you can prominently display your business address and operating hours, for quicker access. This little step makes it much easier for businesses to find you almost immediately.

Another crucial aspect of this approach is integration with Google Maps. You can connect the KPs seamlessly with Google Maps, allowing quick directions to your doorstep. 

Moreover, Location-based searches make up nearly half (46%) of all mobile searches globally. Adding your business details to KPs is going to bring you the exposure you’ve been wanting for so long.

6.      Content Marketing & Link-building Combination:

The credibility of your business goes a long way.A well-maintained KP is a trusted source for backlinks, and can increase the brand’s search engine authority (SEA).

Think of the KPs as a springboard for content marketing, sharing snippets of blog posts and articles. It can also do the same for special announcements relevant to your business.

7.       Competitive Edge in Crowded Markets:

There’s no denying that we are undergoing massive competition in the market. It’s becoming challenging for businesses to stand out from the crowd.

Fortunately, with a comprehensive and informative KP differentiating your business from others becomes much simpler.

These KPs also get featured separately compared to other conventional text-based information. They are good at grabbing user attention and driving valuable clicks. Did you know 60% of consumers the online presence of a brand makes a difference for making a purchase? If you plan to make the most out this, start improving your KPs.

8.      Crisis Management & Reputation Control:

A poor brand image can bring your business burning down to the ground. Today, business is all about how credible you are as a business. For instance, fake information takes serious toll on brand reputation and can even dip sales.

The use of KPs allows managing and updating displayed information quickly, ensuring people find the latest information about your company. This is particularly fruitful for those who want to keep a track of their business information and avoid any unwanted confusion.

Simple KP optimization can also encourage satisfied customers and attract positive brand reviews from clients. In the long run, this helps with building trust and attracting new potential clients.

9.      Multi-Platform Consistency & User Experience:

There’s no surprise that Google marketing is moving towards a more central approach where it’s interconnecting all platforms. It means that the business details and info need to be similar throughout the web.

The KPs are available and running Google platforms which provide a more collected user experience. Therefore, brands should keep the KP information in check for different Google platforms like:

  • Search
  • Maps
  • Assistant

KPs are easy to find even for mobile devices. This adds a lot of accessibility and usability for users that prefer making quick searches regarding businesses. As per reports, over 54%of the traffic on the internet comes from mobile device. If you’re KPs are not updated, you’re missing out!

14 Benefits of Google Knowledge Panel for Business Owners


10.  Richer Search Results (Future-Proofing):

Brands often wonder how long it takes to complete the “Google knowledge panel create” process. However, the quicker you integrate and upgrade the KPs, the better it generally becomes.

Google’s Knowledge Graph keeps updating from time to time. Therefore, keeping tabs on it ensures your brand remains relevant.

KPs play a very crucial part in voice search, which has become a must for business owners in 2024. Voice search was widely used in 2023, and this trend is only expected to grow further in 2024 and beyond.

11.  Enhanced Brand Awareness & Visibility Beyond Search:

A brand that doesn’t work on its visibility is bound to suffer in the long run. Your brand will run out of its market considering the cut-throat competition running in the market. Fortunately, KP information can be added to Google assistant and Google Services. 

When users ask about businesses similar to yours, your KP presence increases the chances of them discovering your brand.

Think of it this way- if you see a brand pop up through most of the Google searches you perform across different platforms, you’re likelier to trust them, right? The same applies to the audience you’re targeting.

12.  Cost-Effective Marketing & Advertising:

Imagine a way to boost your presence organically and without investing much? Sounds too good to be true? Not really, that’s what KPs offer for business owners if they know how to utilize it. The use of KPs reduces the need for paid marketing and gives a massive boost.

A well-optimized KP can also increase chances of quickly regaining your return on investment (ROI) for marketing. Organically reaching potential leads is going to bring your business to better results far better than other options.

13.  Simpler Customer Journey & Lead Generation:

Data analysis and decision-making go hand in hand for businesses that want to do something with their business. There’s no point of spending time trying to create a strategy if it isn’t data driven.

Fortunately, with KPs, you can simplify customer experiences and enhance the lead generation process as well. For instance, you could help feature your business on different sources such as website, reviews, and even or even special offers.

14.  Long-Term Growth & Sustainability:

Adopting a long-term approach is a must in business, regardless of the industry you are looking for. You need to work on strategies that bring in sustainability and keep your brand running for longer. Fortunately, by optimizing KP and online presence, your remains discoverable and relevant- even when the industry changes.

However, KP optimization may not be the most instant solution for everything as it requires a calculated approach. So, plan it out and the rest should work out for you eventually.

Bottom Line

Google Knowledge Panels offer various options for businesses from all backgrounds. Claiming and optimizing your KP can take your business to the next level. It’s a powerful toolset to meet all your business expectations.

By working on your Google Knowledge panel, you will be:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Attracting customers
  • Achieving long-term growth.

If you still feel like setting up your Google knowledge panel or optimizing it is a challenge, reach out for professional help. Digital marketing services and SEO services at SEOHUB are well-known.

However, we are also great with Google KP. Get in touch with us and we will start working on your brand’s visibility and conversions.

Get better brand results with SEOHUB!

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