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Amazing ways to boost your local SEO

Local SEO Optimization

If you are a small business operating in a specific location and providing services in a specific location then you know how important local SEO is for you. The success of your business relies heavily on marketing your service to the local leads and customers. And even if you are a big business local SEO would still harness more leads and conversion.

While mostly the bigger businesses go out for broader search queries to optimize on you can optimize your business on long-tail keywords to take advantage of the market which is being ignored by the big boys. And since voice search has increased this is your chance to get ahead in the game. Voice searches account for more than 50% of the web searches and most of those queries are geo-specific allowing you to capture the huge local market by just tweaking your marketing strategy.

Below I am going to discuss some of the very important ways you can boost your local SEO

Get listed on Google

Google my business is the first major step for local SEO as 90% of the users use Google as their search engine so listing on Google allows you to show your local customers that you are providing the exact service they are looking for in their vicinity. 

Listing on Google will help your business appear on Google maps and if Google finds your business authentic and Google will show your business in the sidebar space of Google search.

Just provide accurate information on Google with logos and picture to complete the very important first task of listing on Google. Then when you get customers ask them nicely to leave a review for your business on Google.

Optimize for voice search

Like mentioned in earlier voice search is getting more important every day, no more the user wants to type long queries in the search bar, they just ask Google what they want and Google put the most relevant answer in front of them. It is important for you to be one of those relevant answers as many voice searches include a location and this is where you can create a content mentioning to your target audience about you providing service in that location.

Use the “why” “when” “how” “where” when creating the content, this will help you add every information regarding your services which the user might search for.

Use geo-specific keywords

The usage of geo-specific keywords is very important in local SEO as it allows you to specifically target a certain area and a certain audience.

To get the best local keywords you should get Google’s Keyword planner where it will research and give you a list of keywords which are most used in your given location allowing you to format a strategy for your content creation.

Use those keywords in your metas heading content and URL.

Register on local business directories

One great way of getting optimized for local SEO is getting the best local backlinks from online directories near your location. Find websites or directories which only operate near your location or which also operate in your location.

Register on those directories by creating the most relevant and informative content where you must mention your location and places you operate. Find guest blogging services near your location and find high authority websites to list on locally.

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