A Complete SEO Guide for 2019 To Conquer The Pakistani Online Market

A Complete SEO Guide for 2019 To Conquer The Pakistani Online Market

This SEO guide provides the reader with eagle’s eye view of everything you need to know about local On-Page and Off-page SEO in Pakistan for the year 2019. So whatever tactics you are using now make sure to check them with all the new updates so you can stay above everyone else.

Here I am going to discuss in some detail about how SEO in Pakistan will shape out to be in 2019, what new tactics the search engine would like for you to adopt and how you can fully utilize your SEO skills in the year 2019.

Gone are the days when you only needed to research for keywords and craft a quality content (which is still very important). Not anymore building of naturally approved back links will do the job, no it is going to require more as SEO has gotten more advanced yet achieving results is still simple when it comes to local Pakistani targeted SEO.            

It is all about developing the right strategy. But you need to ask what might be the right strategy? Well this is a question which may never have a definite answer as SEO is changing and evolving so quickly day by day. However there is a way to keep yourself on track and above the rest as SEO in 2019 has become all about the latest trends on the internet and what the user wants, not only that but also how the evolution of Google algorithm has demanded something more and different from experts. So all you need to do at the moment and in the future is keep learning and if you are looking for a start then this SEO guide will help you understand how SEO is working in this year and how you can keep up with the changes and the changes which will be coming in the near future.

I am going to briefly discuss the most important factors of search engine optimization where I am going to share some insight of experts and people of authority.

Understanding the Google Algorithm

The first step of local SEO for Pakistan is all about understanding what the search engine wants you to do. In order survive on the web you have to understand the changes in Google’s algorithm.

Google has been moving very fast and has been evolving its search algorithm specially for CCTLDs (Country code top level domain in this .PK). Understandably you have to optimize your website according to the updated algorithm. The most important algorithm you need to know about is Rank Brain. Rank Brain is simple to understand as it focuses on the experience of user on the web.

Rank Brain focuses on how much time a user spends on a certain web and ranks it accordingly, second it notices how many users have clicked on a certain web result.

The more clicks a web result gets the better but to complete the experience of user the website must be engaging enough for the user to spend some amount of time on it. If a user visits a web and doesn’t find it engaging he would bounce back instantly which would increase your bounce rate.

Optimizing For Experience

As I mentioned above how you need to have your website which engages the user, it basically means that Google is updating itself according to the intent of user. Rather than creating websites which gets ranked on top of SERPs Google wants website owners to create something which increases the engagement of users and satisfy their experience on their website.

So many experts are calling Search Engine optimization Search “experience” optimization which is pointing towards the importance of bettering the user experience on the internet and Google wants just that.

Get Ranked For Featured Snippet

Google has been filling search results with featured snippets because users are asking for instant answers. This particularly means you need to get your result to tell users to click on me otherwise you are missing out on potential customers

In order to get ranked for a featured snippet you need to find your keywords on which you rank and that keyword have a featured snippet. Now why would you need to find the keyword you already rank on? Simply because snippets are all from the results on first page, basically more than 99%. Use Ahrefs to find featured snippet keywords.  Getting ranked on featured snippets is the biggest boost you can have when working specifically for local Pakistani audience.

Create Content For Users

One other important part improving user experience is by creating a content which satisfy the needs of users. Just like Rank Brain Hummingbird is also a very important update which allows Google to understand requirement of the user to a very healthy extent. With hummingbird Google now focuses on the long search queries of users to understand their needs.

So what does this do? Well this points to the fact that optimizing for single keyword or keywords related to your service only won’t do much if it is not answering the user. You would now have to focus on long tail keywords which may include a location, time, place and modifiers.

Google wants you to understand the user before you do anything on your website. Get yourself involved in the online community and search for what users want on places like Quora and Reddit.

Optimize For Mobile and Mobile-First Index

With the increasing use of mobile devices in Pakistan because of their portability Google now wants you to optimize your website for mobiles very strictly. Not only optimize but make your mobile version the primary version of your website.

This update is not live right now but in the very near future it is going to be and those website owners who do not have mobile responsive websites are going to suffer on SERPs.

In 2019 more than 60% of the web traffic is from mobile devices rather than Google so even if Google won’t put your ranking down you are still going to suffer as less and less people will visit your website.

All you need to do is make sure the content of your website on desktop is same or equivalent on the mobile. Pictures, videos, content size and everything should be equivalent.

Rather than having a M version of your website now Google wants you to have a mobile responsive design. These are little things which can be done easily, so if you are dwelling on thinking too much then don’t do that just get it responsive.

The more engaging your website on mobile the better it is going to be for you.

Now this does not mean that you need to disregard the desktop version, NO don’t ever do that work equally hard on both fronts.

Get Searched On All Platforms

Optimizing on just Google will help you along to some extent, by saying that I mean increase your optimization domain, bring in more platforms where you can optimize your site.

The trend for video optimization is increasing day by day and that is why it is very important that you get optimized for video content. Work to get on top of youtube.

Secondly App stores are also playing a huge part in getting traffic for businesses. Create an app for your business and get it ranked on top of App stores. The thing with app store is that if your app is engaging and likeable it will get more recognition then your website does on search engines. Every app gets rating and reviews which available for every website on search engine.

Voice Search Is Getting Trendy Fellas

That is right people voice search optimization is getting very trendy on the web as more and more people are using mobile devices and looking for easier ways to search for their needs.

So how could one optimize for voice search?

Firstly get all of the above mentioned things like optimized content, rank on the first page featured snippet and so on.

When you are done with that make sure your content has a FAQs section where it answers the questions of the users. In you content add a question and then answer it, simple as that, provide solution to the user.

What happens is that when a user uses voice search he/she is basically asking Google to find them a solution like “where can I get the best SEO service?” so then Google finds those websites where this question is mentioned and is its answer.

Basically what you need to do is research (again) the need of the users and answer them in your content. But don’t forget to ask

Add Media And Visual Content

Make sure that when your content is detailed and long you have added engaging infographics to convey the info in a concise and entertaining way.

Nobody likes to get bored and if your research suggests that you need to add all the information then make an infographic, make a video or GIF to help the user get entertained while on your website.

Publish Blogs And Get Familiar With Your Users

Publish as many blogs on your website as you can and not just for the sake of it. Write or get informative blogs to attract as many users as you can. And if you can add statistics regarding the topic and relevant data it will give you a boost you wouldn’t have thought of.

When people are looking for information to buy something they want facts, not stories, but solid facts. Give those unique data and information and see how it helps your website.

Secondly allow users to communicate with you, dedicate a comments section under your blogs because it is effective. This will allow you to understand what users think about your website and also you can communicate with them. Please answer the user when they ask something on the comments section, this will only help you with your authority and gain your users loyalty.

Create your website authority

Lastly it is still important to create authority of your website by getting relevant, natural and approved links.

Get top accreditation will not only help you with the ranking part of search engine but also gain more trust in the eyes of users.

Let me tell you WHY top relevant authoritative links are important. You rave about your service on your website every day and if you are a good salesman you will get the customers coming to you. But one thing which attracts the user to your website is when you get recognition from someone else and if that someone else is important, influential and authoritative then you can imagine the trust you will get.

This is exactly what link building does, imagine Microsoft telling their users that your business offers the best SEO in your respective country, which would be something wouldn’t it?

So work to get the best links which are relevant with your products and service.

I hope you enjoyed reading the guide. If you think you need to know more about SEO contact us at to get the most relevant online solutions.

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