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6 Easy Steps To Make Money With Social Media

6 Easy Steps To Make Money With Social Media

Every blogger wants to get popular on social media these days. Why? Obviously, to get recognized, to become a credible source of knowledge. But also, without doubt, to make profits as well. Social media marketing, if done the right way, can make you earn more profit than anticipated.

Getting popular on social media can get you a lot many connections. At some point, you can use the help of these connections. If the audience starts to trust you and your content, it is highly likely that they will check out things you advise them or links that you share.

An effective social media marketing strategy could help you earn a good amount of income. Here are a few ways.

Make Money With Social Media

  • Sponsors

If a good amount of people follow you, many companies would approach you to write about them. It’s a good chance that you have seen celebrities and renowned blogger post about other brands and products on their websites.

It is not necessary that you have a large following to do this. If you run a blog and like a particular product or company, you can approach them for a sponsored partnership.

Obviously, the amount you get paid depends on the kind of company you have entered sponsored partnership with and how much of a following you yourself have.

  • Engage in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically promoting a product you like on your blog post and getting a commission on each sale made.

If you like a certain product, promote it. But with honesty so as to not compromise your credibility. Tell about the benefits and good sides of the product and what you personally like about it. But also tell what kinds of people would prefer it and the drawbacks associated with it. Either write about or make a video demonstrating its uses. Or do both. Some people like to watch and some people like to read. This way, it is going to attract both kinds of audience.

Also tell about your relationship with the company. Always mention them. In most cases, this is rule, but even if it is not, by doing this, you further increase your credibility.

  • Interested in selling your own products?

If you write your posts about a certain product, then you can make your own versions of it and sell to the audience. For example, if you review skincare products or makeup, you can create your own and sell it to people.

Keep in mind that whatever you make should not be the exact copy of any brand and make something that you believe is needed by the audience. For instance, you could experiment with different products to create a unique skin care product.

Other example could be some piece of clothing or shoes. Be innovative and think up of making new and unique products to wow your target audience. This is a great way to make money but will take more time. Because before you reach this point that you sell your own products, you need to build a reputation among your target audience and achieve a large following.

You can also advertise your products on some other websites, so that with each product sold, they will have a cut. This way, your product will reach more people and help make it popular.

  • Promote your products

Use effective social media marketing strategies to promote your products. Post your product pictures or updates on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. Tell about the benefits of your product to users there. Offer discounts or promos so people are more interested in purchasing it for themselves.

You can also post the link to your website on different social media. Make your website interesting and your product appealing and eye catching so people are more inclined to buy your product.

  • Offer your services

If you write about specific problems that people face and their solutions, it could be a good idea to offer your consulting services to the audience. For example, if you write about music or musical instruments, you could offer to help new musicians choose the write musical instrument for themselves or coach them on music.

If you write about mental health and the healing process of humans, you could offer to help people going through trauma or who are depressed.

If you write about furniture, say, doors and wall paints, you could advice people on how to choose the right color for their homes, or what type and material of door to choose from.

These are just a few examples, with hundred others consulting services you could offer.

However, this way of earning money takes time as people will only consult you if they trust you. You first need to build trust and credibility. Also, you should have a lot of information and knowledge about the topic you choose to consult on, so this takes months to years of research first before finally offering such a service.

  • Finally, be consistent

Be sure to post regularly and make a schedule. If you do not do this, your audience will lose interest and any hopes you have of making money through social media will be lost.

Making money through social media marketing takes time, hard work and determination. It’s not a day’s work and requires a lot of time and patience. Anything is possible, though if you set your mind to it. Good luck fellas!

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