5 ways to build your social media strategy

5 ways to build your social media strategy

After launching a web page or a brand it is important to make sure that your brand gets online visibility. Social media platforms provide a great platform to get the necessary exposure your brand needs. Social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tool in this digital era. Not long before social media was only a platform to share and communicate and for that very reason online businesses and brands started utilizing it for online marketing of their products and services.

Through social media platforms such as Facebook Instagram and Twitter you can attract the right amount of traffic and you can be rest assured that most of it will be relevant to your brand. But before you start online marketing on social media you would need to create the right social media strategy which synchronizes with your business goals.

It is important to know what strategy work for social media and what doesn’t, otherwise you would be wasting a whole lot of money on paid advertisement. That is why we are going to list five amazing ways through which you can plan the best social media strategy.

Determine your goals

Before starting anything you must identify your goals as to what you want to achieve through social media and how you must go about achieving it.

Start by establishing realistic goals such as making your voice heard and raising awareness of your brand and your services to your target audience. Then you must set ways as to how you can achieve that. Then slowly move onto creating a fan base of your brand, increasing your sales and ROI.

Social media is a marathon not a race, just go slowly and step by step and you will see great returns

Identifying your target audience

The first most important of creating your social media strategy is the identification of your target audience. You cant just start you campaign on social media platforms without determining who is your audience. You are going to need social media analytic tools to find out on which platform your campaign will harness the best results. For example majority of the Instagram users are people below the age of 30s and if you are selling products for older people then maybe you don’t need to run a campaign on Instagram.

Anyways it is important to keep an eye out for social media demographics before you start your ad campaigns on social media.

Watch your competition to craft a better strategy

Always dig in to what your competitors are doing on social media. Having problem identifying your competitors? Just search your keywords on Google and you would find a number of business in the same industry as yours.

You can always use some competitive analysis tools for social media to keep track of your competition’s content. What kind of content is getting more likes comments and shares, is it video content? Or just some infographics? Or a great tagline? Which hashtag they are using which is the trending at the moment?

This collection of questions and data will give you a better idea of how social media strategy could be devised. It will help you loads for your ad campaigns.

Create great content

Nothing beats a great content. When you have collected all the data and information you need to create your social media campaign, make sure you are creating the best content for your ads. Content is the foundation of attracting audience. Add something interesting, some humour as people love a good laugh, statistics always attract people’s attention.

Don’t forget to create a video for your content, in these days it is the requirement for your social media campaign to succeed. A short informative, engaging and light video has always been a source of great attraction for users on social media. Do you know that video content gets the most likes and shares on any sort of social media platform? This suggest that you cannot overlook its importance.

Creating a great social media campaign is always hard work which requires great focus and when you invest so much in to it you need to get it right, so it is better to hire a social media marketing agency who can help you out on the marketing front.

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