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5 Of The Best WordPress Website Builders 2020

5 Of The Best WordPress Website Builders 2020

More than 40% of all websites are built on WordPress, such is the demand and convenience of working on WordPress. “Just another WordPress website” has a nice ring to it, I mean people back at WordPress know how much their product is in demand.

WordPress has gone far and beyond the limits of just being a CMS, believe it is not just a CMS. It has provided so many absolute wonderful features, and so many of them for free, that for now it is the most favourite CMS of all.

You can build all sorts of websites on WordPress whereas certain CMS are only good for blogs or ecommerce portals. WordPress provides you to build a website for all sorts of industries and business. It is the most powerful website CMS of all.

To properly understand why it is so powerful, WordPress provides a feature of website page builders. There are hundreds of website builders available on WordPress. Even though the better ones are paid, but their free versions has a lot to offer, enough for you to build a complete website for an enterprise. Of course you would need to see if the page builder is compatible with the theme and if the page builder provides you with the features you want and if the page builder can create responsive pages for SEO.

The Best WordPress Website Builders

Let us discuss some of the best wordpress website and page builders.


When Elegant Themes dished out the Divi page builder, it completely disrupted everything. It was one of the best, and still is, webpage and website builders to be available on WordPress.

It is a drag and drop page builder that helps you build all sorts of websites and with its free features, this builder is quite amazing.

It switches you from the builder present on WordPress and allows you to build your custom web pages, change the layout of the theme and build your web blog with complete ease.

Divi has more than 50 different modules such as revolution sliders, carousels, portfolio, different text boxes and image boxes. You can virtually create and improvise almost any website and WordPress theme with it. Given that it is compatible.

This is where you have the chance to customize an existing theme or just start from scratch.

Themify Builder

This is also a drag and drop WordPress website builder that helps you create any layout and alter any theme on the front end. Everything can be done with great ease with the Themify Builder.

The great thing about the Themify Builder is the fact tha you can build different themes and also the sixty plus built in templates within the theme. With the built in templates you can modify the images, layout and put in animation effects as you wish.

Just use the drag and drop features on the backend to add or remove modules to create a layout for your website. Then you have the option to preview the changes you made so you can check how the changes are appearing on the front end. If anything irks you, just change it at the backend.

Of course, you can buy premium features of this builder. While the core version is free, you just need to dish out $39 for the premium features.


This baby has over a million active installation and it is one of the most in demand WordPress website builder. You would have no trouble building a column based content, just go ahead and make your website totally responsive and SEO friendly with this builder.

Like many great builders this one also seamlessly works with the present widgets on WordPress so you can create and alter the widgets to your wishes. There aren’t many themes that aren’t compatible with siteorigin.

This plugin provides great flexibility throughout the website building process. The advanced row builder feature is amazing, you can choose the exact number of rows for each column you add.



Elementor is probably the savviest WordPress website builder of all. Forget about having to make changes in your html code, but with Elementor you can make changes on the front end of the webpage. To think all this is available in the free version.

Once you get the Elementor PRO, you get additional 50 plus widgets to drag and drop on the front end. You can totally change the design and outlook of the website with Elementor, everything is so seamless that it is really unbelievable.

Some important features of Elementor are

  • Canvas: Need a new landing page? No problem, you can build it right from the scratch without any header and footer.
  • Maintenance mode: another great feature allows you to build your pages in offline mode, unlike any other website builder.
  • Zapier integration: This baby allows you to integrate any third party web application easily

Elementor comes also with a popup feature that allows you to integrate different popups in your website. Morever, this feature saves the hassle of adding another popup plugin to the website. This works just wonderful.

Visual Composer

Visual composer is another drag and drop wordpress website builder that provides easy website building option. It has been there for some time now and with its recent updates, this one allows you to build any theme with any layout you want.

This one comes with free and premium versions. This is where the premium versions allow you to alter the header and footer of the website to your liking.


This should provide you with some of the best WordPress page builders. Although, they are not the only ones, but they certainly rank top in our list of best WordPress plugins. With these on your side you can easily get the job done for your website.

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