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11 SEO Trends To Follow In The Year 2020

11 SEO Trends To Follow In The Year 2020

What is SEO writing and why is it important?

SEO writing or Search engine optimization writing is a type of writing that allows websites to be more visible to people. When someone searches types in a particular keyword in a major search engine, a good website with interesting and SEO friendly content appears in the first few pages of that engine. It is basically a form of writing that uses target words or some key words or phrases that comes under the attention of search engines causing them to give those results earlier and make your article or blog more likely to be opened and read by the user.

With competition increasing between bloggers online, and more and more sites being created, you need to focus more on a strategic and effective way to market your content. This is where SEO services are important.

A number of companies also offer SEO services. For a fee, they will ensure that your website remains on the first few search pages all the time. If you are a renowned website and can afford this, you can go for this option. Or if you do want to spend money on SEO services, here are a few tips to make your website SEO friendly based on the current SEO trends.

  • Familiar with snippets?

Recently, Google has started to share snippets about different topics. For instance, if you search a certain recipe, say, how to make a lasagna? There’s a site that pops up at the top listing all the steps to prepare a lasagna one by one. These are featured snippets that are the first search result that appear in front of you and is called ‘position zero’. This feature came into being in 2014 so that users could get answers to their questions directly without having to open a site or to help them decide whether the articular site was good enough for them that they open it.

You can have your featured snippet there as well. What you need to do is give a clear and proper solution to people’s queries. Google decides whether the content is of good quality enough to be put up on the site. If it is, this is very advantageous for you, as lots of people click on these snippets before moving on to any other website.

  • Do you have a HTTPS protocol for your website?

Users will leave your site if they do not find it safe to use or see ‘Insecure website’ written on your site. Hence, make your connection secure and encrypted.

  • Voice is important

With the invention of smartphones, people not only write keywords, but also speak them into search engines as well. This is a harder territory to gain control over, as the search engine requires a lot more effort to search keywords that are spoken. To make your site better and in the first few pages, make sure to optimize it for voice search as well.

  • Quality content

Obviously, all these strategies will work if you write high quality and relevant content. So make sure whatever you write is clear and understandable to your target audience. Address their queries properly and give effective solutions to them.

  • Consistency is the key

To ensure that your content always remains on top in major search engines, write frequently and keep updating your blogs consistently. Make schedules and stick to them. Always meet your deadlines and be sure to keep updating your website and inform your audience beforehand about your new posts so that their interest does not waiver.

  • Does Your Website Have a Mobile Version?

Any website that is not available for mobiles will soon lose their popularity among users. This is because many people address their issues through phones now a days. Not everyone opens a laptop or a computer to type in a search.

Say you are in your class. Your teacher asks you a question. You search immediately into your phone search engine, find the answer and say it.

Another example is during traveling. You go to visit another country and need information about the eateries that they have. You open your phone and type ‘the best eateries in this country’ and you get a list. Obviously, if your website does not work for phones, it is probably going to achieve its downfall in a while.

Not just accessibility, your website should also be cell phone friendly. You need to have a site that is easy to understand on phone, grabs attention, is appealing and answers your questions in a way that you do not need to search further.

  • Videos for extra points!

The focus is just not on writing keywords anymore, it is based on different methods of social media marketing as well. Some people prefer to read and some prefer to watch. Why not offer them both? This way both kinds of users will frequent your site, giving you a greater chance to be on Google’s page 1 or 2.

Younger audience tends to watch videos more and you should definitely target this age group as these are the people who are more likely to frequent the internet.

Make a good and catchy headline, something SEO friendly to give you a higher ranking in the eyes of Google. In turn, the users will open your site more.

  • Does your site take time to load? A big NO there!

With great technological advancements in the last few years, people are now used to faster internet speeds and hate when websites do not load or take time to appear on their engines.

You need to make sure that your website loads in seconds for users to have a good digital experience and not bounce off your site.

  • How long is your content?

Users prefer longer articles because they want to gather all the information from one article rather than keep bouncing from one site to another in search for answers.

Obviously, with being lengthy, the content should also be detailed and informative and provide all the answers that the users are concerned with.

  • Writing style matters more than you think!

Do you write in very long paragraphs? Do you keep repeating the same sentences over and over? Do you keep saying the same thing over and over again using different words? Well, all of this is an absolute no no! Write in short sentences and points. Write catchy headlines and subheadings so the audience does not lose interest. Also do not repeat the same things and give new information with every new point.

  • Make sure that Google is not your only priority!

Of course, Google does not seem to be going away for a very long time. But there are many other search engines as well that some people choose to search on. Make sure that your content is optimized for other sites as well.

We hope these tips were helpful for you and help you in writing good SEO friendly content and keep up with some of the latest SEO trends.

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